Sixers discuss the return of Ben Simmons in upcoming Nets matchup

CAMDEN, N.J.–The Brooklyn Nets will invade the Wells Fargo Center on Tuesday night looking to continue to grow as a team and look to integrate Kyrie Irving back into things after he served his suspension.

As they get set to take on the Philadelphia 76ers, the big focus is going to be on the return of Ben Simmons. The star guard spent six seasons in Philadelphia, playing four of them, and he spent the 2021-22 season in the middle of a holdout because of how sour things got during his time with the Sixers toward the end of it all.

He was finally moved to the Nets at the deadline in 2022 and he then didn’t play due to a back injury. So he was unable to play in his initial return to Philadelphia back on March 10. Now, healthy, he is expected to play on Tuesday and the atmosphere is expected to be rowdy from the passionate Sixers fans.

“Our fans are gonna be our fans anyway, so it’ll be that type of atmosphere,” said coach Doc Rivers. “Ben’s playing great now so we don’t want him to play great.”

Tobias Harris, who played with Simmons for three of those four seasons in Philadelphia, is more focused on just getting the win. He doesn’t want this matchup to be bigger than it already is.

“That’s a question for the fans,” said Harris. “Like me, I’m just worried about being healthy and being out there to help the team. All the other stuff, wherever you wanna go with that, I could care less. We’re just trying to get this group ready to be able to go out and fight for a victory.”

With Joel Embiid being out for this matchup, it does take away some of the hype around the contest, but again, the team wants to keep this about the Sixers and the Nets. Not Embiid vs. Simmons.

“I don’t worry about that,” Rivers added. “They’ll get their chance. It’ll happen at some point, but it still has to remain at the end of the day. The 76ers want to beat the Nets, period. Maybe with him on there, we want to beat him more you know, I don’t know that. If I was a player, that’s how I would feel.”

The Sixers and the Nets clash at 7:30 p.m. EST on Tuesday.


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