Should Sixers consider making a move for Hornets guard Kyle Lowry?

The trade deadline is rapidly approaching as Feb. 8 is right around the corner. The Philadelphia 76ers, along with the other 29 teams in the league, are looking to make their move up the ladder in the league to contend for a title.

The Miami Heat and the Charlotte Hornets hooked up for a big trade on Tuesday with Miami sending veteran Kyle Lowry and a first round pick to the Hornets for Terry Rozier. The Heat will add Rozier to their roster as they look to get back to the finals with Jimmy Butler and Bam Adebayo leading the way.

As for Lowry and the Hornets, one has to assume that Charlotte isn’t going to keep the 2019 NBA champion on its roster. Therefore, Lowry will be available either in a trade or in the buyout market if the Hornets can’t find a deal for him.

The best-case scenario for the Sixers would be if the Hornets just bought Lowry out. The main contenders to sign him such as the Celtics, Warriors, Bucks, Nuggets, Clippers, and Suns are over the tax apron and wouldn’t be able to sign him.

Then there’s the Nick Nurse factor from Lowry’s days in Toronto and the Daryl Morey factor from their days together in Houston. The Sixers could use another ball-handler and Lowry would be a terrific backup point guard option. He is a tough defender, can still make contributions on a title contender as he did in 2023 for Miami, and can play in lineups with Tyrese Maxey as well as Patrick Beverley.

Story originally appeared on Sixers Wire