Six employees, two reporters accuse Alex Santos of sexual harassment

Josh Alper
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Washington didn’t give a reason for firing Alex Santos as their pro personnel director when they dispatched him earlier this week, but Thursday’s Washington Post article concerning widespread sexual harassment allegations against the organization likely provides the reason.

Santos was accused of sexual harassment by six former team employees and two reporters who covered the team. The Post informed the team about allegations made by the former employees before his dismissal.

“We’re trying to create a new culture here” head coach Ron Rivera said when asked about the dismissal of Santos and assitant pro personnel director Richard Mann. “We’re hoping to get people to understand that they need to judge us on where we are and where we’re going, as opposed to where we’ve been”

Rhiannon Walker of accuses Santos of telling her she “wore the f–k out” of a pair of jeans and asking if she would date him if he wasn’t married. Santos is also accused of pinching her on the hip and, per the article, an internal investigation into his activities was done in 2019.

Nora Princiotti of said Santos commented on her appearance regularly and told her she had a “great little ass for a white girl.”

Walker filed a complaint with the team and Princiotti said she spoke to former communications director Tony Wylie. The Athletic said company lawyers spoke with the team and that lawyers from the team said Santos had been disciplined without specifying the nature of the discipline.

One former employee told the Post that Santos texted her to tell her he wanted to kiss her while at work earlier that day and another said Santos complimented her body on the way into the office one day.

Santos declined to comment.

Six employees, two reporters accuse Alex Santos of sexual harassment originally appeared on Pro Football Talk