Sirianni says offense coming together but mum on details

Sirianni says offense coming together but mum on details originally appeared on NBC Sports Philadelphia

ORLANDO, Fla. — Nick Sirianni was light on details while talking about the Eagles’ offense in 2024.

That’s by design.

“I know you guys want all the answers now,” Sirianni said when asked about the terminology of the offense at the NFL’s annual league meetings on Tuesday. “That’s your job. I respect that. But it doesn’t serve us well to put those answers out there until (the season opener in) Brazil.

“I’m just telling you right now, I’m not going to give you a lot on that. I’m going to be vague on this because for anyone to know what we’re running or how we’re calling it, it doesn’t serve us well. So we’ll keep some things close to the vest.”

There are obviously plenty of questions about what the Eagles’ offense will look like in 2024 after the team replaced former offensive coordinator Brian Johnson with veteran OC Kellen Moore this offseason.

Eagles owner Jeff Lurie revealed this week that Moore was Sirianni’s top choice to be offensive coordinator and Moore part of the plan presented by Sirianni to Lurie after the season ended. Lurie has a history with Moore, whom he interviewed for the head coaching position in 2021. That interview lasted about 5 hours, by the way.

The addition of Moore is aimed at making the Eagles’ offense more “innovative and dynamic” in 2024 after it clearly became stagnant last season. The Eagles still had a top 10 defense (as Sirianni is happy to point out) but they weren’t elite and that’s the goal.

Sirianni initially said he was hiring an offensive coordinator “to be in charge” of the team’s offense but has since talked about meshing the two offenses together. That process is already underway.

On Tuesday, Sirianni was asked about how much of the playbook will come from him and how much will come from Moore.

“I don’t even think we know that yet,” he answered. “There’s a lot of concepts that are very, very similar. But I hired Kellen to do a job and we’ll mesh things together just like I said right from the beginning. We’ll have some good things that we’ve done here in the past. He’s going to bring some new elements to it. But to say 27% is going to be this, there’s a lot of similarities within it too. But, again, Kellen is doing a good job of leading the offense and really excited about that.”

Sirianni said the process this offseason isn’t dissimilar from standard offseason procedure despite the additions of Moore and quarterbacks coach Doug Nussmeier, who came to Philly after previously working with Moore in Los Angeles and Dallas.

During his half hour with reporters this week, Sirianni said he hasn’t been in offensive meetings as much, which speaks to Moore being a strong leader of the collaborative offense in 2024.

“He’s done an unbelievable job so far of just directing the ship,” Sirianni said. “Just got a lot of respect for him.”

The Eagles have all the talent to put together an elite offense this season. Even after the loss of Jason Kelce, they have some very good offensive linemen, two top-tier receivers in A.J. Brown and DeVonta Smith, a dual-threat tight end in Dallas Goedert, and their prized free agent acquisition, Saquon Barkley, could add another dynamic to the offense.

It’ll be up to Sirianni and Moore to maximize the talent on that side of the ball.

While Sirianni had never worked with Moore before hiring him, he said he has worked with other coaches — Klayton Adams and Chris Strausser — who came from Boise State. Sirianni clearly has a lot of respect for coaches who came from Boise and who worked under former Broncos head coach Chris Peterson.

“They just know football, they love football, they have great thoughts about football,” he said. “That’s why we hired Kellen.”

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