Sink Your Teeth Into This "The Vampire Diaries" Trivia Quiz

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THE VAMPIRE DIARIES, (from left): Nina Dobrev, Ian Somerhalder, 'The Night of the Comet', (Season 1, airing Sept. 17, 2009), 2009-. photo: Bob Mahoney /  CW / Courtesy: Everett Collection
THE VAMPIRE DIARIES, (from left): Nina Dobrev, Ian Somerhalder, 'The Night of the Comet', (Season 1, airing Sept. 17, 2009), 2009-. photo: Bob Mahoney / CW / Courtesy: Everett Collection

Is "The Vampire Diaries" your go-to rewatch? We can't say there's anything instinctively comforting about vampires, but there is a certain quality about Elena and the Salvatore brothers that keeps us coming back when we just don't want to start something new. Boy, do we miss the drama of that love triangle - especially in the early seasons.

Without giving too much away (and spoiling the trivia questions ahead!), the show features a group of teens in a sleepy town who find out there are supernatural beings all around them. Over the course of several seasons, there are violent deaths, people turning into vampires (and other creatures), love, betrayal, and of course, plenty of drama from beginning to end.

The show may have ended with a little heartbreak and moderate happiness in 2017, but thankfully, the story continued with not one spinoff but two. Test your knowledge of this supernatural world with a whole slew of trivia questions about the characters, lore, and plot of "The Vampire Diaries." However, keep in mind that if you haven't watched all the episodes and want to, there are a lot of spoilers ahead. You can avoid all of this by binging "The Vampire Diaries" ASAP!

"The Vampire Diaries" Trivia

  1. In what town does the show primarily take place? Mystic Falls

  2. Who plays Elena on the show? Nina Dobrev

  3. How many seasons was "The Vampire Diaries" on TV? Eight seasons

  4. When did "The Vampire Diaries" come out? Sept. 10, 2009

  5. Where was "The Vampire Diaries" filmed? Covington, GA

  6. What is the name of Stefan's best friend, who appears in season one and is promptly killed? Lexi

  7. Tyler is a hybrid - a vampire and what? Werewolf

  8. Who plays Stefan Salvatore? Paul Wesley

  9. In what year did Damon and Stefan turn into vampires? 1864

  10. Why does Elena burn down her house? To cover up Jeremy's death

  11. What is Katherine's real name? Katerina

  12. In what season does Elena become a vampire? Four

  13. Who plays Damon Salvatore? Ian Somerhalder

  14. What is the herb called that can protect you from being compelled by a vampire? Vervain

  15. Who is Stefan's evil doppelganger? Silas

  16. Who turns Caroline into a vampire? Katherine

  17. What is "The Five"? A group of vampire hunters

  18. Why is Kai trapped on the Other Side with Damon and Bonnie? His crimes against his family

  19. The Gilbert ring protects the wearer from what impending doom? Death by supernatural causes

  20. When Damon and Bonnie are trapped in the prison world with Kai Parker, the same day keeps repeating over and over. What is the date? May 10, 1994

  21. What college do Elena, Bonnie, and Caroline attend? Whitmore College

  22. How does Liz Forbes die? Cancer

  23. Who is Elena's biological mother? Isobel

  24. Who is the first immortal being in the world? Silas

  25. Who saves Elena from the car accident that killed her parents? Stefan

  26. What does Bonnie call her grandmother? Grams

  27. Who started Elena's doppelganger line? Amara

  28. Who was Elena dating before the Salvatore brothers caught her eye? Matt Donovan

  29. What are the names of Alaric's twin daughters? Lizzie and Josie

  30. How did Elena's parents die? They were killed in a car accident

  31. Who is the original witch? Esther

  32. Where are Damon and Bonnie trapped in season six? A Gemini prison world in 1994

  33. What is the Staff of Arcadius? Tuning fork

  34. Who won the 2010 Miss Mystic Falls pageant? Caroline

  35. The "Vampire Diaries" TV series is based on the book series by what author? L.J. Smith

  36. What are the Vampire Diaries books, in order? "The Awakening: Volume I," "The Struggle: Volume II," "The Fury: Volume III," "Dark Reunion: Volume IV," "The Return: Nightfall," The Return: Shadow Souls," "The Return: Midnight," "The Hunters: Phantom," The Hunters: Moonsong," "The Hunters: Destiny Rising," "The Salvation: Unseen," "The Salvation: Unspoken," and "The Salvation: Unmasked"

  37. What is the last name of the original vampire family? Mikaelson

  38. What does Jeremy become? A vampire hunter

  39. What is Klaus's daughter's name? Hope

  40. Who died in the ritual for the sun and moon curse to be lifted to make Klaus a hybrid? Jenna and Jules

  41. Whose blood can help Klaus create vampire/werewolf hybrids? Elena's

  42. How old was Stefan when he was turned into a vampire? 17

  43. Who killed Mason Lockwood? Damon

  44. Who is Katherine's daughter? Nadia

  45. In what year was Katherine turned into a vampire? 1492

  46. What could Damon control? Fog

  47. "The Originals" is the "Vampire Diaries" spinoff that focuses on the Mikaelson family. What is the spinoff that focuses on the next generation? "Legacies"

  48. What happens when you kill an Original vampire? All the vampires in their bloodline die

  49. Who does Stefan marry right before he dies? Caroline

  50. What is the only way Elena can wake up from her coma? Bonnie has to die

  51. Who did Klaus turn into a vampire on Senior Prank Night? Tyler