Singles success lead Panthers to win in season-opener

Apr. 8—The Creston girls tennis team set themselves up for success Thursday against Atlantic, winning five of six singles matches. Even though the Trojans came back to sweep doubles, the Panthers still came out on top 5-4.

"Tonight was a great way to start our girl's season with a win," Coach Kevin Cooper said. "We played pretty well in singles and were able to wrap up the meet win during singles."

The top five girls all took wins, starting with senior Josie Mahan taking down Quincy Sorenson 8-3 in No. 1 singles.

Kolbey Bailey serves to Lily Willrich of Atlantic in her 8-5 No. 4 singles win.

From there, Ava Adamson defeated Jade Harter 8-4; Sasha Wurster took down Genevieve McCalla 8-2; Kolbey Bailey won over Lily Willrich 8-5 and freshman Violet Franklin beat Jacobi Harter 8-6.

Ava Adamson lands a return shot in her 8-4 No. 2 singles victory over Jade Harter of Atlantic.

Two of the doubles games were narrow losses. Adamson and Wurster fell 8-6 to Sorenson and Harter.

Mahan and Franklin also lost 8-6 to McCalla Willrich.

"We really struggled with doubles tonight and that is an area where we will have to focus on improving our consistency," Cooper said.

The Panthers return to action tonight at home against Southwest Valley.

Varsity girls

Creston 5, Atlantic 4

Singles — Josie Mahan (C) def. Quincy Sorenson (A), 8-3; Ava Adamson (C) def. Jade Harter (A), 8-4; Sasha Wurster (C) def. Genevieve McCalla (A), 8-5; Violet Franklin (C) def. Jacobi Harter (A), 8-6; Maylynn Ferrell (A) def. Abbie Wheeler (C), 9-7.

Doubles — Sorenson-Harter (A) def. Adamson-Wurster (C), 8-6; McCalla-Willrich (A) def. Mahan-Franklin (C), 8-6. Harter-Ferrell (A) def. Bailey-Wheeler (C), 8-0.

Junior Varsity

Singles — Dani Bennett (A) def. Hollynn Rieck (C), 6-1; Kennedy Strider (C) def. Brady Wagner (A), 6-2; Payton Harter (A) def. Abby Collins (C), 6-1; Lily Johnson (A) def. Jana Peavler (C), 6-0; Josie Handlos (A) def. Savannah Jaques (C), 6-0; Maddy Anderson (A) def. Catlyn wipperman (C), 6-0; Shauna Anderson (A) def. Alexis Bendt (C), 6-1.

Doubles — Rieck-Strider (C) def. Bennett-Wagner (A), 6-5. Harter-Johnson (A) def. Collins-Peavler (C) 6-4. Handlos-Anderson (A) def. Jaques-Wipperman (C), 6-2; Anderson (A) def. Bendt (C), 6-1.