Singing Popeyes employee takes drive-thru order in New Orleans

Popeyes employee Cynthia Carter says her musical approach to order-taking was inspired by a customer who sang his order shortly after Hurricane Katrina.

Video Transcript


CYNTHIA CARTER: Hi. Thanks for using Popeyes. This is Cynthia speaking. Make sure you have exact cash or card, and keep it popping. You hear me?

- Whoa, now. How are you doing?

CYNTHIA CARTER: I'm doing fine. Keeping it real over here. That's what we do. What can I get you? Is there anything?

- Always keep it real. Let me get--

CYNTHIA CARTER: That's what I'm talking about.

- Let me get a number eight please.

CYNTHIA CARTER: A number eight? OK, that's the three tenders. (SINGING) Spicy or mild?

- (SINGING) Spicy.

CYNTHIA CARTER: And what [INAUDIBLE] are we going back that thing up to them [? Saints ?] this year?

- Barbecue.

CYNTHIA CARTER: And what side are you going to drop it like it's hot?

- Red beans.

CYNTHIA CARTER: And what kind of drink are you going to set it off with?

- Strawberry, no ice.

CYNTHIA CARTER: Strawberry Fanta, off the rocks?

- Yes, ma'am.

CYNTHIA CARTER: Anything else? Cajun rice or coleslaw?

- That's it, love. I'm trying to watch that waistline.

CYNTHIA CARTER: Say that there. Watch that waistline. You hear me? So that's a three spicy chicken with the red beans, barbecue sauce. Twerk that thing with strawberry off the rocks. You hear me? $9.47. Keep it real. Ride it out, baby. You already know.

- You already know, love.

CYNTHIA CARTER: All right, come on round, honey dumping.