Siliana Gaspard remembers Shad Gaspard in touching post, calls him 'our real life super hero'

Siliana Gaspard wants the world to know what her husband, Shad Gaspard, meant to their family. Siliana shared her feelings for Shad in an Instagram post Thursday. In that post, Siliana refers to Shad as “our real life super hero.”

Siliana also thanks fans for their prayers and support. She also thanked rescue workers for their efforts.

Shad Gaspard went missing after getting caught in a rip current at Venice Beach on Sunday. On Wednesday, Gaspard’s body washed up on the beach. He was 39.

Gaspard was known for his time in WWE. He had two stints with the company, as part of a tag team known as Cryme Tyme, and continued wrestling on the independent circuit after his contract with WWE was up.

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