Sidney Moncrief on his epic fight with Danny Ainge in the 1987 East semis

If all you knew was the mild-mannered Danny Ainge of today, you might be surprised to learn how much of a fighter the former Boston Celtics shooting guard and current-day team president of the Utah Jazz was as a player. Discover (or relive) one of the most memorable moments in NBA playoff history: the intense battle between Sidney Moncrief and Ainge during the 1987 NBA semifinals.

In this heated showdown between the Milwaukee Bucks and the Boston Celtics, the court became a battleground as two fierce competitors refused to back down. Watch as Moncrief, the Bucks’ stalwart defensive leader, goes head-to-head with the sharpshooting Ainge, as their emotions overflow into an unforgettable clash.

Witness how this epic confrontation impacted the rest of the series, and ultimately, the careers of these two legendary players in the clip embedded below.

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Story originally appeared on Celtics Wire