On the sidelines with Graford senior basketball player Connor Waters

Mar. 22—Get to know Graford senior basketball player Connor Waters on and off the court.

You played basketball during a very successful time at Graford. What are you most grateful for?

"I'm so grateful for spending time doing it and all the fans, players that I've played with and those coming up to continue the tradition."

There is a great deal of history and tradition with the basketball program. How much did that drive you as a player?

"It was probably one of the biggest — if not the biggest — motivation factors was knowing that great things have already happened, and we had to try to make things even greater here."

Describe the chemistry and mindset you and your teammates play with and how special that is to be a part of?

"I think what started the chemistry from the very beginning was all of us have played from young ages, since we were all 5, 6 and 7 years old — basically all of our lives. Outside of basketball, we hang out with each other all the time, which is what really built up our team chemistry. Even though we didn't win it all this year, we felt like we had the strongest hearts as a team — that's what made us great."

If you had to choose between having an extra arm or two extra fingers on each hand, what would you choose and why?

"I would say extra fingers because, me and Cye Lemley hit up buffets sometimes, so it would be easier for us to shovel down the food."

At one point, you played with six Lemley teammates. How confusing or fun was it to have so many people on your team that are all related?

"It was fun for us but it was probably a lot more fun for them getting to play with their cousins and brothers growing up. We all grew up together which made it a fun experience for all of us."

What is the funniest thing you can remember from your time as a Graford basketball player?

"It was definitely getting punched in the face, which ended up being a no-call, during the state championship game my sophomore year against Texline or Jess Lemley getting a technical for just walking on the court and not saying a word."