On the sidelines with Godley senior football player Landon Thigpen

Jan. 20—Get to know Godley senior football player Landon Thigpen on and off the field.

You recently played in the high school All-American football game. Talk about how big of an achievement this is for you?

"It was a very good achievement. I never thought I would be able to get this opportunity at all or anything, but I got the offer to play after my junior year. I could've played in it last year, but I had a little bit of an injury, but I really appreciate the O-line helping me out and getting that opportunity."

Describe the experience of meeting people like Seneca Wallace and other great high school players. How did playing in that game benefit your chances to chase greatness at the next level?

"Meeting those coaches and everything really brought my mind into it, especially when you have the best people around you to boost your confidence. I soon hope to play football at the next level and hope that I'm better than what people say I will be — I want to be way better."

After rushing for more than 3,000 yards last year, you took on some more responsibilities outside the numbers as a receiver. How do you think this past season helped you become a more complete offensive player?

"Rushing for 3,000 yards was a blessings and big blessing for my O-linemen. The responsibilities at outside receiver was just me changing my role for the team, whether it was blocking or catching passes, I had to do those things to help us all out. It helped me become a more complete offensive player because I knew how to play the whole field — I knew every position and I knew what they were going to do."

What is something you will always remember from playing football for Godley?

"I will remember me and Drew Coleman breaking records in the same game. I had four rushing touchdowns, Drew had five, I had 300-plus rushing yards and Drew had, I think about 300 receiving yards. We held it down against Benbrook in our last game before the playoffs last year."

If you could have any animal as a pet, what would it be and what would you name it?

"My favorite animal would be my blue-nosed gray pit bull, his name is Zeke — he's my bestie. He's the best animal ever and my best dog, and I named him Zeke because of the running back."

If you went pro and could play for any franchise in the NFL, which would you choose and why?

"I would choose the Chicago Bears because my grandpa played for them on the Super Bowl team with Walter Payton and won it with them. If you watch the Super Bowl shuffle, he's the guy playing the saxophone."

Did you make any New Year's resolutions this year? If so, what ways are you pledging to be better than you were last year?

"I did set a big one and it's just to be the best I can be, to be honest, and to never get injured again. I want to also move on and show people what I really am."

Who is your favorite musical artist to listen to and what is your favorite song by them?

"My favorite musical artist is Kanye West and, you know, I go with the Slow Jams."