Side Dish Bowl: A Thanksgiving rivalry from our family to yours

David Greenberg

Thanksgiving is a day spent acknowledging all the things we are grateful for and appreciating the greatness we have in our lives. It’s about celebrating with the ones we love, doing the things we love (eating), and watching the things we love (Football on NBC).

On this day, Americans all across the country come together, friends and families of all kinds, and enjoy a Thanksgiving day (and night at 7pm on NBC) football game.

Because what’s more American than that?

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In honor of Thanksgiving, our family here at NBC are inviting you to our own Turkey-day bowl. Join the conversation on social media and let us know who you’ll be rooting for on this feast-ive day!

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, football fans of all ages, we welcome you to a special feature, the Side Dish Bowl.

Team Greenbean Casserole

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Team Potatoes

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Team Stuffing

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Team Pumpkin Pie

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Team Cranberry Sauce

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Head to @SNFonNBC on Twitter to cast your votes on which team you think will win the 2019 Thanksgiving day Side-Dish Bowl:

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