SI: University of Michigan board considers leaving Big Ten

First-year Big Ten commissioner Tony Petitti may have thought the University of Michigan would lay down instead of fight when it came to punishing head coach Jim Harbaugh under the conference’s sportsmanship law. But the university is serious about defending its ninth-year head coach, and it very well may go nuclear with its response to Friday’s suspension.

According to Sports Illustrated’s Michael Rosenberg, the U-M board of regents has discussed leaving the conference if it unilaterally suspended the Michigan football head coach while the NCAA investigation continues.

Tony Petitti has no idea how badly he just botched his job, but here is a hint: In a meeting last week, Michigan’s regents discussed possibly leaving the Big Ten if Petitti suspended coach Jim Harbaugh without what the school considered due process, a person familiar with those discussions told Sports Illustrated.

One person told Wolverines Wire earlier in the week under the condition of anonymity that such a discussion did take place.

Petitti admitted in his response to the Wolverines that there is no evidence Harbaugh knew about Connor Stalions’ scheme but noted this is a punishment for the action regardless.

Michigan and Harbaugh have filed for an emergency injunction or temporary restraining order against the Big Ten that would allow for Harbaugh to return to the sidelines for Saturday’s game at Penn State.

Story originally appeared on Wolverines Wire