Shuttle Services to the Masters

AUGUSTA, G.A. (WJBF)- Some patrons travel from all across the world just to attend the Masters. But it’s the many shuttle services that help their travels to Augusta National that much easier.

A trip to the Masters– for some – might take a flight or a lengthy drive. But once you get to Washington Road, there’s one more ride that will get you to one of golf’s largest stages.

“It’s most busiest getting them to the course, they’re usually very excited to get on the course in the morning and then usually pretty tired getting off the course and ready to come home…,” The Foundry at Rae’s Creek driver Jonathan Peckham said.

Jonathan Peckham is a first-time driver for The Foundry at Rae’s Creek, and he says while he’s new to the gig, he still knows how important the job is.

“I think it makes it really easy on patrons that are from out of town to not have to worry about it. We can just pick them up, we’re always right here so when they’re ready to come off the course they don’t have to worry about setting up a drive. We’ve got a whole line of vehicles here ready to go. So, it makes their whole experience a little bit less stressful and more enjoyable.”

For more experienced drivers like Reginald Martin– who has 24 years of experience driving Masters Patrons– they’ve taken the long road starting their patron commute from two hours away.

“This time we’re doing it for UPS, they’re staying in Atlanta at the Four Seasons. We pick ‘em up early in the morning at 5:30 and bring them down here, drop ‘em off and we sit in the parking lot and wait and take ‘em back to Atlanta. We have a different group every day, and we do it seven days; Monday through Sunday.”

But no matter where they start, drivers tell me it’s always where they finish that makes the ride worth it.

“My group– in general– has been Berkmans, it’s all about that. They love the experience of going there, all the first treatment as far as the first-class treatment… the most fun I have is when you get a newbie that doesn’t know what the Masters is about and I make a plan to wait to the very last minute and I say ‘so you know you have to surrender your phone right…,” Ground Solutions Atlanta driver JJ Earls said.

Whether you’ve gotten here by plane, car, or shuttle, drivers believe the ride is always worth the experience patrons get.

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