Should this incredible over-the-fence catch be an out or home run?

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Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp outfielder Stone Garrett made his bid for catch of the year on Friday.

The Miami Marlins minor leaguer leaped at the wall and then tumbled all the way over while securing the would-be home run of Biloxi Shuckers catcher Max McDowell.

Garrett’s timing was perfect. His leap was immaculate. And the concentration required to catch the baseball was more remarkable than both. The camera work that put us right on top of the play was excellent as well.

But this type of catch does beg a question: Should it really count as an out?

Hear us out. Garrett leaves his feet and doesn’t come down with the baseball inside the field of play. You could easily argue that for a catch to be completed, the player’s feet should have to come down on the field.

Granted, we don’t want to go too far into the NFL weeds here regarding what is and isn’t a catch. However, once the outfielder and the baseball go over the wall together and land on the other side, it almost feels like the batter has won that battle regardless of the catch.

We’re curious to hear what you have to say on the matter.

Should it count as an out, or should the batter be awarded a home run?

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