Fantasy Baseball Podcast: Short season debates, what to learn from football and best sports gear

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On this week's episode of the Yahoo Fantasy Baseball Podcast, Yahoo’s Scott Pianowski and Dalton Del Don have a few debates around the (hopefully upcoming) 2020 MLB season.

First up, Dalton and Scott discuss the elephant in the room, what's our confidence level on Major League Baseball settling its labor dispute and starting a season this year? (03:00)

And, should we worry about the randomness and small sample size a shorter season will bring? (06:00)

Should we focus on pitching or hitting in upcoming drafts? (12:25)

Does the volatility of starting pitching mean we should ignore them until later or stock up early and often in drafts? (14:30)

How should you draft from a deep shortstop pool? (18:13)

Should you focus on younger players or established veterans in fantasy drafts? (23:23)

If you've already drafted in your fantasy league, should you press the reset button once the season's schedule is established? (26:07)

And finally, is it time to bump Houston Astros players up our draft boards if they will not have to contend with a bevy of boos around ballparks all season? (28:27)

And we’ll wrap up the show with a draft of our favorite sports equipment, will the mighty baseball glove take the crown? (31:52)

Will we see baseball in 2020?
Will we see baseball in 2020?

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