Shocker (not really): NFL will play on Christmas 2024

They are who we thought they were.

When NFL executive Hans Schroeder claimed (presumably with a straight face) that the league wouldn't play on Christmas when the holiday lands on a Tuesday or a Wednesday, we knew better. Not that Schroeder wasn't telling the truth. At the time, that was the plan. But the plan changed.

As we knew it would. (He should have known it, too.)

Per multiple reports, the NFL will indeed play on Christmas 2024 — even though Christmas falls on a Wednesday.

From 2022 to 2023, viewership for the NFL's Christmas tripleheader went up by nearly 30 percent, to 28.7 million. NBA viewership that same day is cratering.

There was no way the NFL was surrendering that territory. Every Who down in Whoville knew what was what. There's a new Grinch in town, and the Big Shield version of the Dr. Seuss green goblin will be stealing each and every Christmas from the NBA, carving up basketball's ratings like so much roast beast.