Shilo Sanders’ NIL earnings part of probe in bankruptcy case

It’s a different kind of headline for Shilo Sanders. And it doesn’t have to do with anything on the football field.

The University of Colorado safety and graduate student filed for bankruptcy to avoid a Texas court judgment against him in favor of John Darjean, a former high school security guard, for $11.89 million, per

Shilo Sanders disclosed $320,477 in assets in an updated filing in December 2023, mainly from a Mercedes he drives and a Robin Hood investing account. Previously, he had disclosed $477,881 in assets as his Robin Hood account had more money in October 2023.

The alleged incident took place in 2015. Shilo Sanders attended Triple A Academy in Dallas, Texas.

Per the report:

According to the court documents, one of Deion Sanders’s assistant coaches came to Darjean’s office where Shilo had been brought after violating the no-phone policy; that coach had Deion on the phone and passed the phone to Darjean. When Deion heard his son was on the phone with Pilar, his ex-wife since 2013, he told Darjean to take the phone from Shilo.

“You’re my brother in Christ, I need you to go get the phone…as soon as you get the phone from him, give me a call back,” Deion allegedly told Darjean, according to the January 29 filing.

At that point, the filing says Shilo slammed his elbow into Darjean’s chest and continued to hit Darjean after he fell. Darjean was taken to the hospital in an ambulance.

Shilo Sanders admits the altercation took place in 2015. The case went to court in 2022, and Sanders did not appear for the trial, per Darjean’s filing. The trial court found Shilo had committed assault and battery, and the state court judged he should pay Darjean $11.89 million.

Darjean’s injuries include a broken neck, damage to his cervical spine, permanent neurological injuries, and irreversible incontinence,” according to a 2024 filing in the bankruptcy proceeding.

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