Shikellamy dominates in Heartland Conference to win Super Bowl games

Nov. 20—SUNBURY — Two Shikellamy Heartland Athletic Conference football teams are now Super Bowl champions.

Team A, which consists of fifth and sixth grade students, and Team B, which is comprised of third and fourth graders, both won their games on Sunday at Southern Columbia Area High School, leaving their head coaches, Brad Slack and Nate Lawrence overwhelmed with pride.

Team A beat Mountoursville 19-12 to finish the season at 10-2, while Team B defeated Berwick, who they lost to earlier this season, 24-19 on Sunday.

Slack said the season, as well as the Super Bowl victory, is a result of team work by players, coaches and parents.

"The parents of these players all came together and everyone helped this season," he said. "That to me is a huge reason why we were so successful. Plus our teams continued to fight all season."

Slack said Shikellamy High School football coach Jim Keiser attended the games and the coaching staff is excited for the future of the Braves.

"These kids are the future and we are just all so proud of everyone," Slack said.

Slack also praised HAC President John Derr for making sure the season ran smooth.

"What (Derr) did with this whole league is so impressive," Slack said. "He is dedicated to the kids and making sure they get the best of everything."

That included a full parade for the champions, led by the Sunbury Fire Department and Sunbury Fire Police that blared sirens through the city Sunday night.

"The kids loved it and I couldn't believe the amount of people that came out of their houses to see the kids and wave," Slack said.

"Every single kid felt special and had a blast."

Jacob Grimm, one of the players on the B squad, said he was thrilled to win the Super Bowl.

"It was so much fun," he said. "I am already looking forward to next season."

Lawrence said he is thrilled with the season.

"What an amazing weekend," he said. "Having both Shikellamy A and B teams in the championship — out of 23 other programs throughout the Youth Heartland Conference — is an accomplishment in itself, but then both teams walk away with championships. Those results are a direct reflection of how hard these kids and coaches worked this year. We are so proud of this program."

Lawrence said the group is building a winning tradition.

"We want to teach the kids how to play tackle football, play with good sportsmanship, understand the work ethic that is needed to be successful and create a community culture that supports and understands what it takes to be successful," he said. "I believe we are accomplishing these goals. For some of the kids on my team, this is their third Super Bowl in four years. The kids had a blast winning. The local fire departments created a parade around Sunbury for the kids. The community was out in the streets showing support for the kids. It was a perfect ending for everything this group of kids have worked so hard to accomplish. Mission complete."