Sherrone Moore says Michigan football doing creative things to get RBs the ball more

When you have the best running back in college football and another who’s likely top five, you need to find a way to get them the ball. The problem? There’s only one football to go around.

That’s where Michigan football finds itself heading into 2023 with star running back Blake Corum returning and Donovan Edwards, who replaced him late in the season after Corum’s meniscus injury, set to break out this season.

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Wolverines offensive coordinator Sherrone Moore was effusive in his praise of their capabilities. Speaking with Jon Jansen on the “In the Trenches” podcast, Moore shared what makes Corum and Edwards so good, and why they’re excelling where others perhaps are not around the country.

“The sky’s the limit, people say, it’s through that,” Moore said. “These guys are special. And everywhere — I was just watching some film of this past year. And just to watch the little things that those guys do that people don’t notice: the little cuts, little moves that make somebody miss on the first, second, or third level. They’re running over the guy, jumping over somebody, outrunning them. And then the ball skills that they both have are — they’re elite.

“So they’re as an elite as a group, two-tandem group, that I’ve been around. And even better human beings and workers and guys and leaders and everything you want. Like they’re just outstanding individuals, outstanding humans, and just excited that we get to coach them.”

So, how will Moore go about getting them both the ball?


He’s being a little mum about the nuts and bolts of it, but Moore says the Wolverines do have some creative ways they use to get both involved. Edwards, of course, can be an effective pass catcher, but he was limited last season with a hand injury.

“The cool thing is, it’s like there’s a whole bunch of puzzle pieces, you’re trying to fit them all together to make this masterpiece of what we want this offense to look like,” Moore said. “And when you have two dynamic players like that, you have to figure out ways to get them the ball in different ways. And obviously not gonna tell you how those ways, maybe we could talk about it off the mic!

“But I think we have some really creative things that we’re doing with those guys, because they are special talents. But at the same time being very smart with how we do it and when we do it, and how we’re attacking people. So just excited to put them in their different positions, because we’ll have a great plan and we’re starting that right now.”

Corum and Edwards might be the headliners of the running backs room, but the Wolverines have plenty of other capable backs to turn to, as well.


Moore is pleased with the progress of converted linebacker Kalel Mullings, but also notes Benjamin Hall, the former three-star freshman who wowed in the spring game, has the capability to really show out when given a chance this fall.

“Kalel Mullings obviously stood out,” Moore said. “He’s big, he’s strong, he’s physical. And he’s pretty fast. And he’s got tremendous ball skills for a guy his size. So very excited about him. C.J. Stokes is another guy who’s really coming on in spring. But this young Benjamin Hall kid, man — he’s got some dynamic abilities, very — built low to the ground, thick, huge legs. His legs are like Blake’s, maybe a little bigger. But he’s got a great future and excited about him and Cole Cabana, both. Cole kind of had some injury stuff he’s working through, and he’s getting better. And he’s fine now, but excited about those young backs.”

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