Sherrone Moore claps back at those who claim Michigan football cheated in 2023

The day after Michigan football won the national championship, NCAA president Charlie Baker proclaimed that the Wolverines earned the title ‘fair and square.’ But that hasn’t stopped rival fans from claiming that there’s an asterisk next to the 2023 championship and that the hammer is coming down, yada, yada, yada.

That talk doesn’t faze those in Ann Arbor, as fans are excited about the championship still, nor does it faze those inside Schembechler Hall.

It started with Michigan’s win over Penn State, a game in which Jim Harbaugh was suspended. Just an hour before the biggest game of the year to that point, Sherrone Moore was alerted that he would be the acting head coach for the game. And he was incredibly emotional afterward, swearing on live TV following the win.

Joel Klatt asked Moore about that moment and he expounded on it, discussing the people who continue to assert that Michigan cheated to win that game and the national championship.

“And for the people on the outside who think our players didn’t win fairly or do something, or do that, it was just kind of like, ‘OK, bet,'” Moore told Joel Klatt. This is what we’re about. We’re gonna go attack the moment, we did. And now what can you say about us? Without our head coach, we proved ourselves right, that we can go win in this big environment.”

Of course, by that time of the season, Connor Stalions was long gone from the program. Michigan had its arm tied behind its back for that game, as well as the game against Ohio State, with Harbaugh still being suspended.

For Moore, he oddly thinks that such manufactured adversity helped the maize and blue because it kept the team motivated, to prove that it was good enough to win a championship, no matter the obstacles thrown their way.

“I think a little bit, I think they’re they were motivated by that, more than anything,” Moore said. “Winning the national championship, getting the national championship — because that’s all they talked about in the beginning of the year, after the TCU game last year. And we always talked about process over prize, and we knew what the prize was. Alright, let’s stop talking about the prize and let’s go attack the process of getting better every day. So we did that.

“And I think when all that stuff started to come out, it just added a little fuel to the fire just a little bit. And we didn’t need any but kind of glad you had a little fuel. It kept that chip, kept that boulder on their shoulder, even brighter, and they took it and ran with it.”

Story originally appeared on Wolverines Wire