How Sharks' Logan Couture is staying in shape during coronavirus hiatus

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After binging most of his day on HBO's "Curb Your Enthusiasm," Sharks captain Logan Couture is facing a conundrum many of us are right now: The question of how to stay physically fit, in a time where most gyms are off-limits or inaccessible due to the global coronavirus pandemic. 

"I've got a bike here that I ride, and a weight vest," Couture told NBC Sports California on Tuesday night. "I don't have a gym unfortunately, but I have some [elastic] bands. So it's really just body-weighted exercises, ride the bike, and ... it's all I can do right now."

Couture, like almost 700 other NHL players, are awaiting developments on the COVID-19 pandemic, before they can even anticipate what happens next with hockey. 

"The statement 'uncharted waters' has been used a lot," Couture said. "And I think it's the correct term for everything: for life, for sport, everything."

The center missed the final few games of San Jose's interrupted season, after taking a puck to the head. On March 11, he watched the Sharks' last game from his couch, while simultaneously monitoring multiple coronavirus developments including the NBA's suspended season. Teammates in Chicago were also finding out.

"The guys still had to finish the third period," Couture said. "I know some of them had knowledge, some didn't." 

The last time Lord Stanley's Cup didn't get raised was 1919, due to a flu pandemic. 

"It's something that I guess I have been forced to think about," Couture said. "Everyone in the last little while has, with this going on."

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And it comes with great perspective.

"There's bigger things going on in this world right now than the Stanley Cup," Couture said. "And a lot of us in the NHL realize that."

How Sharks' Logan Couture is staying in shape during coronavirus hiatus originally appeared on NBC Sports Bay Area

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