Sharks' Bob Boughner can't wait to play at SAP Center in San Jose again

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Dalton Johnson
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Boughner can't wait for Sharks to play in San Jose again originally appeared on NBC Sports Bayarea

Sharks head coach Bob Boughner can't wait for his squad to get back on the ice at SAP Center in San Jose. But he fully gets why the Sharks are starting away from home right now. 

"This is our home rink and we're comfortable here, the families are here," Bob Boughner said to reporters on Wednesday. "All of those things are important to our guys, for a good mental state.

"But we understand the safety of the community comes first and the decision with that, we're fine with that. We understand it and if we have to start on the road, we'll start on the road."

Santa Clara County has shut down all team sports activities due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, which has forced the Sharks to hold training camp in Scottsdale, Ariz. Once the Sharks begin the upcoming 56-game season on Jan. 13, they will be on the road a good portion of time, too, as 14 of their first 18 games are away from home. 

Boughner and the Sharks are facing plenty of uphill battles after a disappointing season. Coming back home to San Jose certainly will help with a long list of challenges. 

"I won't lie, we're looking forward to the time where we can come back to Santa Clara County and live at home and be with our loved ones," Boughner said. "We feel our practice rink here and our game rink are two great places to be able to come and do something you love every day.

"Hopefully we're back here sooner than later and things start turning for the better here in our community."

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Health and safety come first. Boughner gets that. He will relay that same message to his players and staff. 

Once the Sharks safely can play home in San Jose, however, Boughner and the rest of the Sharks will cherish that time even more than before. 

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