'Sharknado 5' Full of Awesomely Bad Cameos and Ridiculous One Liners

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SyFy debuted Sharknado 5: Global Swarming on Sunday night and it was just as ridiculous as you may have suspected. Harnessing the power of the green screen (and I'm assuming Ian Ziering's Delta Skymiles) the television movie takes place all over the world.

The great thing about having a cheesy movie set in various geographical locals is that writers have the ability to find the lowest fruits on the lowest trees. For example, when a sharknado is attacking London, one of the characters says "London bridges falling down. And when one attacks Japan, a local calls it a "Shark-zilla."

The cameos were also excellent. There was a great collection of "celebrities" that you weren't quite sure where you knew them from? There was Fabio, Geraldo Rivera, and Abbie Lee Miller to name a few -- and Charo even played the Queen of England!

While previous Sharknado installments were ridiculous, this one may have had the most absurd ending to date. Finn's son Gill disappeared into a sharknado and reappeared as Dolph Lundgren. Apparently he figured out a way to turn sharknados into time machines and now he and Finn are going to go back in time to stop the sharknados from ever happening.

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