Sharenting: Juventus’ commitment with Fondazione Carolina Onlus

Sharenting: Juventus’ commitment with Fondazione Carolina Onlus
Sharenting: Juventus’ commitment with Fondazione Carolina Onlus

As part of the Project for the Protection of Minors by the FIGC and the SGS (the Settore Giovanile Scolastico), Juventus have organised a series of meetings focused on the theme of ‘sharenting’, which is the sharing of images, videos and other content on social media. 
The average age at which minors now receive their first smartphone is just seven, and from then it becomes an inseparable tool that they are never far from. 
Even if they are digital, the spaces that youngsters find themselves in online are real, from their group chats to their conversations with peers, love interests, and their ventures into social media. It is therefore essential that adults know the pros and cons of this online world, and how to accompany them in what is an already-delicate and developmental age.
For these very reasons, the aim of the training was to contribute to the improvements in awareness of the consequences that come with online activity for minors, and the possible risks that come with an online presence. 
Leading the meeting were Paolo Picchio, honorary president of the Fondazione Carolina Onlus (, which is committed to the spreading of correct, positive and conscious use of new technologies, and general secretary Ivano Zoppi.
Juventus have always, as a club, been attentive to the growth of their young players as people, and not only as footballers. This is exactly why, since 2018, the club have had its own Child Safeguarding Policy, but the club’s commitment to the issue stems from much further back. The club’s psychological team have been working on matters of this kind since 2008/09, along with the players and the staff working within the Youth Sector.

Taking the opportunity of 7 February, the day against bullying and cyberbullying, the Club felt it was appropriate to collaborate with Fondazione Carolina Onlus for the organisation of a series of meetings. the first two were held in Vinovo in January and involved coaches, management, Regional Piemonte & Valle d’AostaFIGC School Coordinator Luciano Loparco, Loredana Germanò, Juventus tutor assigned by FIGC, and all Juventus Youth Sector staff, paying special attention to the club’s youngest sides. Two more were held on Tuesday, 27 February, and involved the Women’s Youth teams as well.

Fondazione Carolina Onlus

Fondazione Carolina Onlus was founded in 2018 and named in honour of Carolina Picchio, a young girl who took her own life in 2013 having been the victim of cyberbullying. Her story became an inspiration, and a reminder of the beauty and joy of life that can be compromised with a single click. The first European law on cyberbullying, unanimously approved on 17 May, 2017, is also dedicated to her.
The Foundation’s mission is to make the internet as safe a place as is possible for children and youths, and to rediscover the value of authentic relationships - even on social media. 
This is achieved through three pillars: Prevention (training and raising awareness), Research (studying and monitoring new phenomena), and Support (interdisciplinary team for interventions in serious cases of cyberbullying). The team embraces educational, psychological, legal and communication skills. 
When necessary, they work with law enforcement agencies and the national health system.

The meetings in Vinovo with Fondazione Carolina ONLUS