Shaquille Leonard: Reduced role sucks, honestly don't know what to do

Colts linebacker Shaquille Leonard expressed frustration with his role on the team's defense last week and the topic of his playing time was back on the table this Thursday.

Leonard saw his playing time drop against the Panthers in Week Nine despite the absence of Zaire Franklin due to an injury. Leonard split time on first and second downs and didn't play on third downs and he said on Thursday that "I honestly don’t know what to do" in order to return to a role similar to the one he's accustomed to playing on the Indianapolis defense.

“What can I do? What am I doing wrong or am I just — you don’t believe in me? Am I not making plays? Am I bad at the run game? Am I bad at the pass game? Tell me something, just help me sleep," Leonard said, via Kevin Bowen of 107.5 The Fan. "Help me sleep better at night. I just feel like I give everything I got on the field in practice and I give everything I’ve got whenever I’m playing on Sundays no matter if it’s one or 70 plays. I’m doing my job, man. It sucks, honestly, it really sucks."

Leonard acknowledged that his feelings "don't win football games" and that the team's decision isn't going to be up to him, so he will continue to keep putting "my best foot forward every day" in hopes of getting a chance to help the team again.