Shaq throws first pitch at Marlins Park, picks up Judge Judy (yes, that Judge Judy)

Jack BaerYahoo Sports Contributor

A humble suggestion to Major League Baseball: Shaquille O’Neal should be throwing first pitches at every park. If his day at Marlins Park on Friday is any indication, baseball is a lot more fun with Shaq around.

O’Neal visited the Marlins to throw out the game’s first pitch, and delivered a strike by ceremonial first pitch standards to closer Brad Ziegler, who seemed quite happy to meet the NBA legend. Funnily enough, the NBA legend might have also been happy to meet Ziegler, at least judging from this quote from Ziegler given to’s Joe Frisaro:

“I went in and introduced myself and he said ‘I know who you are, Zieg.’ I was like, ‘Woah.’ I’ve got an international superstar. Whether it was true or not, it made me feel good.”

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At some other time, Shaq met Judge Judy and decided to pick her up, because yeah, why not. In case you’re wondering what Judge Judy, whose name name is Judy Sheindlin, was doing at Marlins Park, she’s the cousin of Marlins owner Bruce Sherman.

Shaquille O’Neal and Judge Judy: MLB’s newest power couple. (AP Photo)
Shaquille O’Neal and Judge Judy: MLB’s newest power couple. (AP Photo)

Shaq’s fun wasn’t limited to on the field, as he also took time to destroy some poor soul in pickup office basketball.

Just your classic Shaq adventures.

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