Shaq threatens to knock out Charles Barkley, sending Ernie Johnson into uncontrollable laughter

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The 'Inside the NBA' crew couldn't help but break down laughing at an angry Shaq. (via NBA on TNT)
The 'Inside the NBA' crew couldn't help but break down laughing at an angry Shaq. (via NBA on TNT)

It has the quips of “Avengers: Endgame,” the fire of “Game of Thrones” and the camaraderie viewers tune in for as much as they do basketball analysis.

The “Inside the NBA” crew was back at it Tuesday night, asserting their rightful place in media lore. The highlight of the night came out of another Shaq and Charles Barkley battle that had Ernie Johnson laughing so hard he was snorting.

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The roundtable did a timed segment after the Golden State Warriors went up 2-0 in the series over the Houston Rockets. Each participant was allotted a certain amount of time to speak, beginning with Barkley. He kept talking and Shaq blamed him for eating into his time, even threatening to knock him out.

That glare, though.

“It’s supposed to be: one, two, three. Not one, two, back to one,” Shaq said, stone-faced serious about the ordeal.

Johnson disintegrated into snorts before he was finally able to repeat Shaq’s comment. He eventually had to leave the table in hysterics.

Barkley and Kenny Smith argued about which one of them started messing with Shaq to begin with that night. Shaq also took a basketball to the head from Johnson and was further riled up by Barkley after the fact.

The crew is having a top-notch showing in the playoffs. Last week they conducted a 10-minute mini “Jeopardy!” episode to win items like a free knee surgery. It, as always, is worth everyone’s time.

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