Shaq runs around NBA TV set in his underwear because he loves doing stuff in his drawers (Video)

Comedy fans waiting with bated breath for Shaquille O'Neal to bust out some hilarious hijinks during the 2013 NBA Playoffs got their wish Sunday night during halftime of TNT's broadcast of the Miami Heat's 110-87 win over the Milwaukee Bucks. And how did the Big Kazaam grant that wish? By showing a clip of him stripping down into his skivvies and going for a lap around the set of NBA TV's Fan Night broadcast, much to the chagrin of hosts Matt Winer and Greg Anthony.

Behold the laffs:

"That was a bet I had to pay to [TNT analyst] Kenny [Smith]," Shaq explained. Well, "explained," I guess. We don't know what the bet was or when it took place.

Whatever the circumstances of the tank-top-and-boxers run, though, it's pretty likely that the idea was Shaq's from Jump Street — you might remember that Shaq seems to do stuff in his underwear in front of cameras an awful lot.

Like walk on the beach in hot pink bikini briefs during an episode of the Peabody Award-winning reality show "Shaq Vs."

Or walk around the "Inside the NBA" set in boxers to pay off a Blake Griffin vs. Kevin Love bet he made with Charles Barkley.

Or walk into traffic in boxers to go totes viral on his YouTube network:

Or strip down hug respected Lakers reporter Kevin Ding of the Orange County Register:

Most unforgettable personal moment from Shaq's career was the day he — clad only in underwear — decided to gather me up in front of his locker (now Dwight's locker, previously Andrew's) and crush me in a bearhug and bounce us around the Lakers' locker room like one human pogo stick.

Or rock to a patterned Speedo to race Michael Phelps during an episode of Peabody Award-winning reality show "Shaq Vs."

I guess what I'm trying to say is, Shaq does stuff in his underwear in front of cameras a lot. Probably because it is totally normal and very hilarious.

The real question is: What will Shaq do in his underwear in front of cameras next? My guess is demand that Dwight Howard dominate more than he is presently dominating lest people (most notably Shaq) claim that Dwight is not a Real Dominant Big Man. But that's just my guess — what's yours?

If the clip above isn't rocking for you, please feel free to check out a giant man running around in his underwear elsewhere, thanks to Hunter Schwarz of BuzzFeed.

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