Shaq pays for random guy's engagement ring at an Atlanta jewelry store

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NBA legend and "Inside the NBA" analyst Shaquille O'Neal made a man's day on Tuesday. He decided to pay for the engagement ring the man was about to buy at an Atlanta jewelry store.

In a video posted on his Instagram, Shaq hands his black credit card to a store employee, then shakes the hand of the guy whose ring he just purchased.

On Tuesday night's edition of "Inside the NBA," Shaq talked about his random act of kindness. He was apparently at the store to buy some hoop earrings when he heard the guy asking how much he owed on the ring. That's all it took for Shaq to step in and handle the transaction.

Shaq also said that paying for people's stuff is something he does all the time. He recalled paying for the furniture of a mother with an autistic child when he was out shopping with his mother recently, but there are more examples out in the world. In January 2020, Shaq paid for a man's Best Buy purchase after he expressed condolences on the loss of Kobe Bryant.

In 2019, he bought iPads for two kids in Spain.

Shaq said on "Inside the NBA" that he's just trying to make people smile. Swooping in to pay for people's purchases when they're least expecting it is exactly how to make that happen.

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