Shaq feuded with fellow former Celtic Bill Walton because he doesn’t believe Walton’s on his level

Shaquille O’Neal, one of the greatest centers in basketball history, has had a long-standing beef with Bill Walton, another legendary NBA center and fellow former Boston Celtic.

This rivalry is rooted in Shaq’s belief that Walton doesn’t deserve the same recognition as other iconic centers. Shaq’s critique primarily centers on Walton’s NBA career, which he deems less impressive than his own and other great centers. However, it’s essential to note Walton’s career was hampered by chronic foot issues that limited his playing time.

Shaq has consistently voiced his disapproval of Walton’s inclusion in the Hall of Fame and even questioned his presence on the NBA 75 list in 2022. This rivalry extends to the media, where the Big Aristotle and Walton have engaged in public spats.

To get the details about this bizarre public feud between two Boston icons, take a look at the clip embedded below to hear what the folks behind the “Secret Base” YouTube channel had to say in their own account of the feud.

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Story originally appeared on Celtics Wire