Shaq defends LeBron James calling out teammates: 'That's what the hell you're supposed to do'

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At least one prominent former Los Angeles Lakers star is fully on board with LeBron James’ tactics. Shaquille O’Neal continued to defend James on Monday, saying James calling out his teammates is, “What the hell you’re supposed to do.”

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O’Neal made those comments as part of the Shaqcast. He elaborated on those thoughts, saying ‘I did that s—- all the time. Why do you think Kobe and me had beef?”

O’Neal continued to explain, saying James was using a tactic to motivate his teammates. According to O’Neal’s thinking, if James’ teammates are mad, they are going to play hard.

While O’Neal believes in that strategy, it may not be working with this year’s Lakers. While the team rebounded to beat the New Orleans Pelicans after James sent a message to his teammates, the Lakers have dropped their last two games.

After those losses, the team sits at 30-33 on the season. The Lakers’ playoff odds are so minuscule at this point that even Snoop Dogg is calling out players.

LeBron James has called out his Lakers teammates. (AP Photo/Brandon Dill)
LeBron James has called out his Lakers teammates. (AP Photo/Brandon Dill)

Whether or not the Lakers actually make the playoffs, there’s already speculation the team will look different next season. With plenty of big-name free agents hitting the market and Anthony Davis available for trade, the Lakers are expected to be active all offseason.

James may still continue to employ the same motivational tactics, it will just be with a new cast of characters.

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