Shankland's award a 'brilliant achievement' - Naismith

Lawrence Shankland deserves all the prizes and plaudits coming his way, says Hearts head coach Steven Naismith.

Shankland became the first Hearts player ever to win the PFA Scotland Premiership player of the year award last weekend, having scored 21 league goals so far this season.

The Scotland striker is also in contention to win the Scottish Football Writers’ Association player of the year award, alongside Celtic's Matt O'Riley, Rangers keeper Jack Butland and Aberdeen striker Bojan Miovski.

“I expected him to win it and I think he will win them all," Naismith said. "That’s because he deserves them.

“The parts that come out after of him being the first Hearts player ever to win that award tells you the magnitude of it.

“If you look at the roll of honour of these awards, it is 80-90 per cent Old Firm players. Inevitably, because they are in squads that are valued higher, they create more chances, they dominate more games.

“For Lawrence to do what he has done, not just this season but last season, shows you his level of consistency, shows his determination, shows his quality. As he has got older he has got much better as a player.

“It’s a brilliant, brilliant achievement, for him personally but for us as a squad to have the guy who has scored all those goals and got player of the year. It shows we have been doing stuff right all season.”

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