Shane Steichen: Anthony Richardson's injury was unfortunate, but I think it'll make him stronger

Anthony Richardson's rookie year did not go as planned, with the quarterback suffering a season-ending shoulder injury in Indianapolis' Week 5 victory over Tennessee.

But head coach Shane Steichen said the 2023 No. 4 overall pick still gained plenty from watching things unfold as they did this season.

“Obviously, he got a chance to sit back, watch, and learn,” head coach Shane Steichen said in his Monday press conference. “I had some good meetings with him throughout the season, just individually me and him, sitting down talking football. Really just seeing the NFL season as a whole.

“Obviously, would’ve loved to have him out there for the season to learn that way but there’s always reasons in life I think, why things happen. I think what happened to him was unfortunate but I think it’s going to make him stronger at the end.”

Richardson appeared in four games as a rookie, also missing one due to a concussion. He completed 60 percent of his throws for 577 yards with three touchdowns and an interception. He also displayed some dynamic qualities as a runner, taking 25 carries for 136 yards with four TDs.

Steichen noted that Richardson’s growth from the mental aspects of the game was “huge” throughout the year.

“Just talking with him individually going through different stuff. Just football 101 stuff — coverages and fronts and going through what do we like versus this look and all that,” Steichen said. “He was soaking it in, and he was wired in all year obviously doing his rehab. Looking forward to his future next year.”

Though Indianapolis’ plan for Richardson to gain playing experience didn’t work out this season, there’s plenty of reason to believe Richardson can help make the Colts an even more dynamic offense in his second season — provided he stays healthy.