Shane Battier and Norris Cole go below the belt on Roy Hibbert and David West (Videos)

Ball Don't Lie

The ending of Game 1 probably left quite a number of Indiana Pacers fans feeling like they'd been on the business end of a low blow. Well, at least they had a couple of frontcourt stars to share the pain — namely, center Roy Hibbert (thanks to Miami Heat forward Shane Battier):

... and power forward David West (thanks to Heat guard Norris Cole):

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Credit Heat coach Erik Spoelstra for recognizing a play that worked early in the game, then circling back to it later. That's some smart coaching, sports fans.

Now, for the moment of truth. Which "midsection" shot was worse — Battier's Tiger Knee on Hibbert or Cole's "Nature Boy" homage on West? Please let us know your thoughts in the comments below, and please avoid giving out any shots to the midsection on your way there. Thanks in advance.

Videos via sky2847 and OUOutreach.

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