Shane Battier celebrated his huge Game 7, Heat’s back-to-back NBA titles at Denny’s

After coming off the bench to nail six 3-pointers and help NBA Finals MVP LeBron James lead the Miami Heat to a 95-88 victory over the San Antonio Spurs in Game 7 of the 2013 NBA Finals to earn the Heat back-to-back NBA championships, veteran forward Shane Battier said he planned to have a nice, tasty ribeye for dinner on Friday night (callback!), but that he wasn't sure what kind of grub he'd wind up getting when he left AmericanAirlines Arena after Game 7.

"Well, tonight I'm going to — that's a sticky question," Battier said. "[...] Tonight, we'll see."

And shortly after 6 a.m. on the East Coast, see we did:

Denny's. a championship tradition. #Grandslam

— Shane Battier (@ShaneBattier) June 21, 2013

Publicizing your 24-hour diner and meal of choice is just great #strat by Battier here, and an extension of the forward-thinking brand awareness we saw when he mentioned that he enjoyed the crisp, smooth taste of Bud Light. Before he knows it, he'll surely have a lifetime supply of vouchers for a wide variety of breakfast/lunch/dinner/brunch/linner/dunch products, including the heralded Grand Slam. These Duke guys, man — so smart.

Also, no shots at Denny's, but yeah — if this was always going to be the late-night destination, Shane, then it was definitely a better idea to wait on that ribeye.

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