Shams: Boston Celtics, Miami Heat, Toronto Raptors, among teams to watch for a Jrue Holiday trade

Could the Boston Celtics be looking to trade for former Milwaukee Bucks — and for the time being, Portland Trail Blazers — point guard Jrue Holiday? While word quickly surfaced that Portland would look to move Holiday after trading him as part of the package that landed them Damian Lillard on Wednesday, a quick analysis of Boston’s books suggested that dealing for the former Bucks guard would be onerous at best.

This is due to the contracts the Celtics would need to include requiring one of Al Horford or Robert Williams III paired with one of Derrick White or Malcolm Brogdon (or both guards) for the deal to be CBA legal, which would impinge the already thin depth on the team’s frontline or backcourt depending on the construction.

But there may be a way to expand an already-expansive deal further for such a trade to make sense for all parties based on what The Athletic’s Shams Charania was saying on Bally Sports’ “Rally” show after word of the deal broke.

It’s also very possible Charania was simply speaking off the top of his head as the flurry of details began to percolate, too. Said Charania of the prospect of the Celtics pursuing Holiday:

“Right now, (between) Jrue Holliday, Portland, I would expect conversations to commence on his future. And you look at the Eastern Conference contenders, you look at the teams that have had an interest in Damian Lillard teams like Miami, Toronto, (and) Boston.”

“Those are the types of teams I would expect you could look at as potential suitors,” he added.

Does the plugged-in NBA insider know something we don’t about what the Celtics might be thinking? Or was he merely making mental notes out loud as things unfolded in real time? Add in that another well-connected member of the Celtics media corp echoes Charania’s words in Adam Himmelsbach, and one ought to at least consider that there may be a construction out there that does indeed make sense for all parties.

With Boston’s media day now less than a week away, we do not have long to find out — and perhaps sooner than the day of that event on October 2 should earnest interest on the Celtics’ part produce a viable trade partner for Portland.

For our part, we think it is more due diligence if anything at all, but it is certainly something worth monitoring given the sudden but significant smoke we have seen already.

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Story originally appeared on Celtics Wire