Shailene Woodley Is The Glue That Holds A Fractured ‘Endings, Beginnings’ Together

Aramide Tinubu

We’ve all been there. There has been some point in our ’20s or ’30s when we realize that life has been passing us by. Through it all, we’ve just been going along for the ride. In Drake Doremus’ latest film–Endings, Beginnings, Shailene Woodley stars as Daphne, a 30-something woman who hurls the grenade right into the middle of her life.

In the space of a week–Daphne quits the job that she loves, breaks up with her loving boyfriend and moves into her older sister’s (Lindsay Sloane) pool house. The only one that seems to be thrilled by her presence is her young niece. Determined to get her life in some semblance of order–Daphne swears off men and alcohol for six...

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