Shailene Woodley defends Aaron Rodgers amid vaccine controversy in bizarre Instagram post

Shailene Woodley has replied on Instagram to the criticism aimed at her fiancé Aaron Rodgers for refusing to get vaccinated against Covid.

On the social media app, Woodley posted a series of photos another publication alleged were Rodgers breaking quarantine laws when he was supposed to be in isolation.

Writing on the photos, Woodley said the person wasn’t even the Green Bay Packers quarterback: “Literally ya’ll need to calm the f*** down. This is straight up hilarious.”

The Big Little Lies actor added: “News outlets still grasping at straws to disparage Aaron. Finding random f****** men on the streets of LA and saying its him.”

On the since deleted posts, Woodley also said: “I know Aaron’s body very well. First off, his feet, ahem and no offense to this random dude, are a lot bigger. ;).”

She also made reference to the size of Rodgers’ hands: “For those of us who know Aaron beyond the worlds of obsessed sport and s***** media, it’s no secret he has the hairiest hands on the f****** planet. This oblivious homie, clearly, does not. Go ahead, zoom in.”

Rodgers, a three time NFL MVP, has come under criticised for saying he was “immunised” against Covid and it then being revealed that he was not vaccinated after he caught the virus.

The star quarterback later went on a rant about vaccines and talked up the use of “homeopathic” medicine.

 (Instagram: Shailene Woodley)
(Instagram: Shailene Woodley)

Per NFL protocols, Rodgers is in isolation for at least 10 days and missed the Packers’ loss to the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday.

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