Seven Cowboy wrestlers included in first coaches' rankings for NCAA Championships

Jan. 22—The first coaches' ranking for the 2024 NCAA Championships are here, and seven Oklahoma State wrestlers are included.

Daton Fix is notably not one of them, but he, Teague Travis and Luke Surber need to have eight Division I matches to be eligible.

Dustin Plott is the highest-ranked Cowboy as the No. 2 184-pounder. Northern Illinois transfer Izzak Olejnik is the No. 4 165-pounder.

The other two Cowboys in the top 10 are Tagen Jamison as the No. 6 141-pounder and Konner Doucet as the No. 7 heavyweight.

No. 15 Troy Spratley (125 pounds), No. 18 Jordan Williams (149 pounds) and No. 24 Brayden Thompson (174 pounds) round out the rankings for OSU.

The NCAA Championships will be held March 21-23 at the T-Mobile Center in Kansas City, Missouri.

As for the team, OSU is ranked fifth in the latest NCWA Coaches Poll.

The team moved to 8-0 with a 27-9 win over Oregon State on Sunday. It was in a 9-5 hole after the first three matches but won its last seven.

Four Cowboys won in sudden victory or tiebreakers — the most in any dual meet in at least 20 years.

"It's (better) to win one point matches than lose 'em," coach John Smith said. "The one good thing is it doesn't stop. Every week from this point forward, we got nice matches that will challenge us and show us some things."

OSU has home duals on Friday against No. 23 Northern Illinois and Saturday against No. 4 Iowa State.

Cowboy Basketball is still searching for its first Big 12 win

There are roughly eight weeks until Selection Sunday, which means there are about seven weeks left in Oklahoma State men's basketball season.

The Cowboys were chosen to finish 10th in the Big 12 in a vote of the conference's head coaches. After their 70-66 loss to Kansas State on Saturday, they're two games behind 13th.

What's gone wrong?

OSU (8-10, 0-5) has struggled to close games all year, going 1-7 in games decided by two possessions. It led K-State 54-44 with 10 minutes to go and proceeded to make just two of its last 10 field goal attempts and missed five free throws.

"We just need to continue to figure that out; how to finish better, how to make the play, how to make the free throw, how to grab the rebound, how to not foul," coach Mike Boynton said. "The margin isn't enormous."

The Cowboys are back in Gallagher-Iba Arena Tuesday for the return of Avery Anderson III and TCU (13-5, 2-3). Anderson averaged 11.1 points per game over three seasons in orange and black.

The past three TCU games have been decided by a combined six points with a win over No. 4 Houston and losses to Cincinnati and No. 23 Iowa State.

A sixth consecutive loss would tie Boynton's longest losing streak.

"I'm a process guy and a guy who understands it's a results-driven deal," Boynton said. "No one cares how it happened."

Cowgirl Tennis living up to hype

Of all the Oklahoma State winter and spring sports, the women's tennis team may end up being the best.

The No. 5 Cowgirls opened the season with weekend wins over No. 4 Michigan and No. 14 Ohio State.

Michigan results:

Singles competition

1. No. 13 Anastasiya Komar (OSU) def. No. 10 Kari Miller (MICH) 6-2, 6-4

2. No. 39 Julia Fliegner (MICH) def. No. 2 Ange Oby Kajuru (OSU) 4-6, 2-6

3. No. 53 Lucia Peyre (OSU) def. Jaeden Brown (MICH) 6-2, 6-2

4. No. 62 Safiya Carrington (OSU) vs. No. 94 Gala Mesochoritou (MICH) 1-6, 6-4, 5-5

5. No. 60 Ayumi Miyamoto (OSU) def. No. 47 Lily Jones (MICH) 4-6, 6-1, 6-3

6. Piper Charney (MICH) def. Raquel Gonzalez (OSU) 2-6, 3-6

Doubles competition

1. No. 8 Jaeden Brown and Kari Miller (MICH) def. No.6 Anastasiya Komar and Ange Oby Kajuru (OSU) 3-6

2. Ayumi Miyamoto and Raquel Gonzalez (OSU) def. Anna Ross and Reese Miller (MICH) 6-1 3. Safiya Carrington and Kristina Novak (OSU) def. Lily Jones and Piper Charney (MICH) 6-3

Order of finish:

Doubles (2,1,3); Singles (6,1,3,2,5)

Ohio State results:

Singles competition

1. No. 13 Anastasiya Komar (OSU) vs. No. 15 Irina Cantos Siemers (Ohio St.) 7-6 (3), 5-2 unfinished

2. No. 2 Ange Oby Kajuru (OSU) def. No. 85 Luciana Perry (Ohio St.) 6-0, 6-1

3. No. 53 Lucia Peyre (OSU) def. Sydni Ratliff (Ohio St.) 6-3, 6-3

4. No. 62 Safiya Carrington (OSU) def. Shelly Bereznyak (Ohio St.) 6-3, 6-4

5. No. 60 Ayumi Miyamoto (OSU) vs. Teah Chavez (Ohio St.) 7-6 (6), 5-2 unfinished

6. Kristina Novak (OSU) def. Audrey Spencer (Ohio St.) 6-2, 6-2

Doubles competition

1. Sydni Ratliff and Luciana Perry (Ohio St.) def. No. 6 Ange Oby Kajuru and Anastasiya Komar (OSU) 7-6 (0-4)

2. Irina Cantos Siemers and Audrey Spencer (Ohio St.) def. Ayumi Miyamoto and Raquel Gonzalez (OSU) 6-2

3. Teah Chavez and Madeline Atway (Ohio St.) v. Safiya Carrington and Kristina Novak (OSU) 5-6 unfinished

Doubles (2,1); Singles (2,6,3,4)