Seth Meyers Mocks Roy Moore For Being A Racist, Homophobic Tool


Seth Meyerstore intoRoy Mooreon Wednesday, trashing theformer judge who wonAlabama’s Republican Senate primary for his “open bigotry and homophobia.” 

Moore is known for his controversial beliefs, which include defying the 2015 Supreme Court ruling approving same-sex marriage in the United States and referring to Islam as a “false religion” that opposes the First Amendment.

“I’m starting to think that hat is covering up a massive head wound,” Meyers joked of Moore’s cowboy get-up.

The “Late Night” host also lampooned Moore for riding a horse to the voting booth earlier this week. 

“When you see a Judge Roy Moore riding a horse to the polls, it’s hard not think, ‘Is this CNN or Turner Classic Movies?’” Meyers asked.

Take a look at the full segment in the video above. 


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