Seth Meyers Laughs At Republicans After Trump Says Their Voters Won't Vote

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Donald Trump is making things harder for Republicans and Seth Meyers has no sympathy.

The former president put out a statement Wednesday that said Republican voters will stay home for the 2022 midterm election and the 2024 presidential election unless the party solves the fake voter fraud he invented about the 2020 election.

“I do like that Trump is constantly making life difficult for Republicans who just want to use him to win power,” Meyers said on “Late Night” Thursday. “Sorry you guys bought a ticket on this train wreck and now you can’t get off. It’s kind of like when your spouse makes you go horseback riding and you say ‘sure,’ thinking it’ll take 20 minutes and not realizing it’s a three-hour trail with no lunch breaks and the horse hates you and stops every 15 minutes to take a dump.”

Watch more below on “Late Night”:

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