Seth MacFarlane says Oscar winner still has 'hard feelings' about 'Family Guy' joke

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Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane dropped by Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen where he was more than happy to answer fans’ questions.

One fan called in and asked MacFarlane, “Has there ever been a celebrity on one of your shows that you parodied and they did not take it so well?”

Macfarlane revealed that Adrien Brody was not very pleased about a bit they did on Family Guy. The bit had an audience watching Brody do sit-ups in a film, but because it was in 3D, it appeared as if a giant nose was attacking them.

Apparently Brody did not appreciate the joke. MacFarlane went up to him a party long after the fact and he explained, “I said, like, ‘Hey, I really liked ‘Splice.’ I hope there’s no hard feelings.” And essentially the upshot was, well, there are. There are some hard feelings.”

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