CBS analyst Seth Davis guaranteed a Virginia win when it took a 2-0 lead over UMBC

The Dagger

CBS analyst Seth Davis has been tweeting out “Sharpie” for years to signify when a team moves on in the NCAA tournament and you can “Sharpie” them into your bracket. Sometimes he tweets it with several minutes to go in blowouts. Sometimes he has to wait until the final buzzer sounds. Either way, it’s been the way he signals a team is moving on, often before the clock hits zeros.

In the case of the No. 1 overall seed Virginia, he tweeted it just seconds into the Cavaliers’ game against No. 16 University of Maryland, Baltimore County, when Virginia led … 2-0.

Then UMBC happened.

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Seth Davis tweeted “Virginia. Sharpie.” less than two minutes into the game. (Twitter)
Seth Davis tweeted “Virginia. Sharpie.” less than two minutes into the game. (Twitter)

The No. 16 Retrievers, of course, went on to make history, becoming the first 16-seed to beat a No. 1, in this case the No. 1 overall seed in what will go down as the biggest upset in NCAA tournament history. No. 16 seeds had been 0-135 against No. 1 seeds heading into the game.

Well, Mr. Davis, UMBC has a message for you.

Davis took his misstep in stride, pledging to send the UMBC bookstore his credit card info so he could buy some whiteout. He later went on air after the upset to apologize.

Meanwhile, the Retrievers keep on dancing; they’ll face Kansas State on Sunday. And maybe Seth Davis should put down the Sharpie. Or at least tweet with much, much more caution in the future.

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