Set up your post-draft reading today

The draft continues tonight, if you haven’t heard. You’ll be locked in for the next two, as will we.

Before your focus returns to the draft, allow me to focus one last time (until after the draft) on my new book, Father of Mine.

You’ll need something to do after Saturday, beyond following PFT for all updates about offseason workouts, rookie tryouts, minicamps, and the like. For only $4.99, you can get the Father of Mine ebook. It’s literally available everywhere ebooks can be purchased. From the one we all know about (Amazon) to the ones that I’d never heard of.

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For a mere $14.65, you get the six-by-nine-inch paperback book. I got one Wednesday, and it turned out better than I expected. Good enough to make up for the contents.

I’m kidding. The book is good. I’ve asked for input from readers. Folks are reading it in one day. Unless they just want to get it over with, it means they like it.

You will, too. It’s priced to sell. It’s priced to get folks to read it, and perhaps to say, “Hey, you got any more of those books?”

Coincidentally, I do. Possibly a sequel. And plenty of other stuff.

Set up your post-draft reading today originally appeared on Pro Football Talk