The seriousness of Derrick Rose’s comeback has reached matricide status

Here's Chicago Bulls point guard Derrick Rose last week, announcing the release of a colorway of his new shoe:

“My mom means the world to me,” Rose said. “She is my motivation to work as hard as I do, which is why I love wearing this color of my shoe for her.”

Here's Chicago Bulls point guard Derrick Rose at practice on Wednesday, describing the way he's approaching his long-awaited comeback:

Okey-doke, then. I guess basketball really is everything, huh? (Until Mom catches wind of this, anyway.)

Rose's full quote, from K.C. Johnson's subsequent Chicago Tribune short:

"I'm a guy where whoever is on the court, I'm going to go at them," Rose said. "If it's my teammates — it could be my mom on the court, she's going to get killed. I could care less. For me, I'm just trying to build that mentality where I don't care who's out there, I'm trying to play the same way."

I'm sure that's music to most Bulls fans' ears ... although some Illinois moms might wish the song had a slightly different tune.

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