Sergio Garcia melts down in bunker, disqualified from Saudi International

Ryan Young

It was a rough outing for Sergio Garcia this weekend at Saudi Arabia’s Royal Greens Golf & Country Club.

Not only was the 39-year-old disqualified from the Saudi International, becoming the first golfer to do so under a new rule, but Garcia was seen throwing a massive temper tantrum in a bunker on Friday.

The video, captured by Sky Sports, shows Garcia hitting a ball out of the bunker and onto the green. Once the ball landed, well, he “attacked” the bunker.

Garcia was apparently upset about how the bunker had been raked, which resulted in what he viewed as a poor lie. Still, Garcia is a professional golfer. To say that was an overreaction is an understatement.

The 2017 Masters champion made the cut by just two shots after opening with rounds of 69 and 70.

Garcia was then disqualified on Saturday after he was accused of damaging five greens by dragging his feet and making scuff marks. Several groups playing behind Garcia complained about his behavior, which led to his disqualification.

According to The Scotsman, Garcia had been complaining about the paspalum grass greens earlier in the week. The incident was not caught on camera, as Garcia played in the early wave on Saturday before the tournament was broadcast on Sky Sports.

Garcia shot a 1-over 71 on Saturday before he was disqualified.

The Spaniard became the first player on the European Tour to be disqualified for “serious misconduct.” Rule 1.2a allows for disqualification if a player has committed “serious misconduct,” according to the European Tour.

“I respect the decision of my disqualification,” Garcia said in a statement. “In frustration, I damaged a couple of greens, for which I apologize for, and have informed my fellow players it will never happen again.”

Garcia will not be suspended for the incident.

“The incident is over,” European Tour chief executive Keith Pelley told The Scotsman. “We have dealt with it. Sergio has apologized to the players and we move on.”

Garcia has won 10 times on the PGA Tour, and 15 times on the European Tour in his career.

Dustin Johnson won the inaugural tournament after posting a 64 on Sunday to finish at 19-under.

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