Like Sentinels, here are 5 potential Washington team names inspired by football movies

Ryan Homler
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In the continuous saga that is the discussion around Washington's new moniker, a new wrinkle was added to the fold on Wednesday. A Reddit user discovered a potential connection between the company that manages "" and its registration for the name "" 

This, of course, sent the internet into a frenzy. Not only did it increase speculation about a potential new name for the franchise, but it also led to many reminiscing about the football movie "The Replacements" as the fictional team was called the Washington Sentinels. Things got so wild that Keanu Reeves was briefly involved in the debate.


Though there is a report that "Sentinels" won't be the name, the connection from film to the field brings up an interesting hypothetical: What team names from football movies should be considered in Washington? After some research, here are five that are worth a look.

Mustangs - "Gridiron Gang"

Plot: New head coach Sean Porter (Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson) is tasked with coaching a newly formed football team out of the Killpatrick Detention center, the Killpatrick Mustangs.

Why it should be considered: Mustangs is a name that is already featured in football with SMU, but it shouldn't be thrown away when looking for a new moniker in Washington. If the animal route is in consideration, a Mustang is a solid mascot because of its size, speed and strength. Graceful and powerful, it embodies what a team wants to be like on the field.

Washington Lumbermen - "Any Given Sunday"

Plot: The film focuses on the Miami Sharks trying to regain glory and make the Associated Football Franchises of America (AFFA) playoffs. The Lumbermen are another team in the league.

Why it should be considered: Matt Ioannidis and Brandon Scherff walk out of the tunnel pregame wearing overalls and carrying axes as they chop wood to get the crowd going. That's it, that's the pitch.

Coyotes - "Varsity Blues"

Plot: A gifted backup quarterback grapples with making relationships and the right choices on and off the field.

Why it should be considered: Red Wolves has all the hype, and Coyotes is in the same sphere. Fans could howl and nicknames for units on the team can still come easily. If the trademark for Red Wolves can't be worked through, Coyotes is a thought.


Mean Machine - "The Longest Yard" 

Plot: A former NFL quarterback accused of point shaving rallies a prison football team to take on the hated and manipulative guards.

Why it should be considered: There isn't any real connection here, but Mean Machine is just a good football name. It's tough and unlike anything else the league has to offer.

Fightin' Armadillos - "Necessary Roughness"

Plot: A once strong college program tries to rebuild after NCAA violations destroy their success.

Why it should be considered: Maybe this is a joke, but maybe it isn't? It's certainly unique and would catch the attention of many. Minor League Baseball teams have had success finding new fans through whacky names and logos, so why not bring it to the NFL?. Brand wise, Fightin' Armadillos is definitely intriguing. Looking at it from an intimidation standpoint, not so much. 

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Like Sentinels, here are 5 potential Washington team names inspired by football movies originally appeared on NBC Sports Washington