The Sentimental Way Pro Golfer Akshay Bhatia Is Honoring The Late Grayson Murray

Grayson Murray intervewing
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PGA Tour star Grayson Murray passed away at the young age of 30 amid mental health struggles, including battling depression and anxiety.

After learning of the tragic passing, many pro golfers shared their condolences and are honoring Murray in various ways.

Pro golfer Akshay Bhatia is the latest to honor the late PGA star Grayson Murray, who passed away by suicide on Saturday, May 25.

Grayson Murray's Parents Confirm Cause Of Death


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On Saturday, May 25, 2024, news broke that the PGA Tour golfer passed away at the age of 30, just one day after he had withdrawn from the Charles Schwab Challenge, citing an unspecified illness.

One day later, on Sunday, Grayson Murray's parents released a statement confirming the cause of death to be suicide.

"We have spent the last 24 hours trying to come to terms with the fact that our son is gone," Murray's parents said. "It's surreal that we not only have to admit it to ourselves, but that we also have to acknowledge it to the world. It's a nightmare."

The family added, "We have so many questions that have no answers. But one, Was Grayson loved? Yes. By us, his brother Cameron, his sister Erica, all of his extended family, by his friends, by his fellow players and – it seems – by many of you who are reading this. He was loved and he will be missed."

"We would like to thank the PGA Tour and the entire world of golf for the outpouring of support. Life wasn't always easy for Grayson, and although he took his own life, we know he rests peacefully now," they concluded.

Akshay Bhatia Honors The Late Grayson Murray

Grayson Murray's close friend and pro golfer Akshay Bhatia honored the late PGA star by getting some new ink earlier this week. Ahead of this week’s RBC Canadian Open in Hamilton, Ontario, the 22-year-old got a new tattoo that says, “G$," a tribute to Murray as Bhatia called him “G-Money.”

“Let’s ride today, G," he wrote alongside a photo of the new ink, which he shared on his Instagram Stories ahead of his opening round on Thursday, May 30

“I was driving yesterday, or a couple days ago, going back from dinner back to the hotel, and for whatever reason, I looked to the right, and there was a trash can with ‘G-money’ on it,” Bhatia explained, saying there was a sign that he needed to get the new tattoo. “Just freaky stuff happens like that where I know he’s with us.”

Akshay Bhatia Is Playing For Grayson Murray

“I’m playing for him this week, and every round I play for the next however long,” Bhatia said after he completed his opening round. “Yeah, he’s just with me all the time, and he meant a lot to me. Just happy and proud to wear Grayson’s name on my wrist.”

“Oh, God, I didn’t think it would be this hard," he continued, holding back tears. “He’s one of my best buddies out here, grew up together. I looked up to him for a long time. I wish he was still here, but I know he’s here watching above everyone.”

The pro golfer recalled how much Murray always believed in him.

“I just remember when I was 13, 14 years old, I’d see him on the putting green at our golf course, and I’d ask him what’s it like being on the PGA Tour. ‘It’s just so cool, right?’” Bhatia said. “And he was always like, ‘Dude, you’re going to be there. Trust me.’ I don’t know, he just always believed in me.”

Grayson Murray Struggled With Mental Health


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After Grayson Murray committed suicide, many are raising awareness of mental health struggles.

“I think his story and everything that’s happened has really opened everyone’s eyes. It just doesn’t happen that often,” Bhatia said of his late friend. “The amount of appreciation and just uplifting energy from everyone across the world and on the PGA Tour has been great for his family.”

He continued, “We’re grateful for that because sometimes you feel like no one really cares about you, but the fact that he’s touched this many people’s hearts, my heart, he’s made me just really open my eyes a little bit.”

'I'm Not Ashamed That I Go Through Depression And Anxiety'


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The PGA Tour star previously opened up about his mental health struggles. “My parents have been through hell and back basically for the last six years with me fighting some mental stuff and it’s not easy on me and the people around me that love me," Murray said at the time. "They don’t like to see me down and they’ve been my No. 1 supporters."

Murray added, “Everyone has their battles and sometimes people are able to hide them and function, and sometimes you’re not. I think our society now is getting better about accepting that, you know, it’s OK to not be OK. I'm not ashamed that I go through depression and anxiety."

If you or someone you know is struggling or in crisis, help is available. Call or text 988 or chat at