Senegal vs Cameroon LIVE: Africa Cup of Nations result as Sadio Mane sends champions into next round

Senegal secured their place in the knockout stages of the Africa Cup of Nations with an impressive win over Cameroon during their Group C clash.

The Liones of Teranga started the match as the better side and dominated the first half with a controlled and clinical tempo that saw Ismaila Sarr’s deflected strike give them the lead.

A second goal after the break, supplied by Sarr and tapped in by youngster Habib Diallo, seemingly was enough to earn them the win but a blockbuster last 10 minutes from Cameroon threatened an upset.

Jean-Charles Castelletto turned up the heat, pulling a goal back before whipping cross after cross into the box. The Indomitable Lions should have scored an equaliser but were punished after a missed effort. Senegal swept down the pitch and Sadio Mane converted the chance for his first goal of the tournament.

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Senegal vs Cameroon LIVE

  • Senegal defeat Cameroon in the Africa Cup of Nations to secure a place in next round

  • 90+5’ GOAL! - Mane secures the points after Cameroon’s goal (SEN 3-1 CMR)

  • 83’ GOAL! - Cameroon pull one back (SEN 2-1 CMR)

  • 71’ GOAL! - Habib Diallo taps home to double Senegal’s lead (SEN 2-0 CMR)

  • 16’ GOAL! - Senegal open the scoring with a deflected strike (SEN 1-0 CMR)

Full-time! Senegal 3-1 Cameroon

18:59 , Mike Jones

90+7 mins: There goes the full-time whistle!

Senegal get the job done and qualify for the knockout rounds after just two matches. They’ve earned six points from six and looks like seriously impressive contenders to go deep in this tournament.

They hardly needed to get out of second gear for this match.

GOAL! Senegal 3-1 Cameroon (Mane, 90+5’)⚽️

18:55 , Mike Jones

90+5 mins: Senegal burst down the right flank before feeding the ball to Pape Gueye. He pulls it back into the middle of the box where Sadio Mane arrives unmarked and slots a fine effort past Andre Onana.

That should secure the points for Senegal.

Senegal 2-1 Cameroon

18:53 , Mike Jones

90+3 mins: That should have been two!

Another wonderful cross from Castelletto, he’s come alive in the final 10 minutes, sees the ball drop perfectly onto the head of N’Koudou who fizzes his effort wide of the neat post!

Senegal 2-1 Cameroon

18:50 , Mike Jones

90 mins: There’s going to be seven minutes of added time to play. That’s plenty of time for an equaliser for Cameroon.

Senegal 2-1 Cameroon

18:47 , Mike Jones

87 mins: Just a few minutes to go and Cameroon seem to have kicked into gear. Castelletto and Mane have a bit of a disagreement over something but the match is back underway quickly.

Cameroon are on the front foot again, thanks in part, to Castelletto’s repeated crosses into the box.

GOAL! Senegal 2-1 Cameroon (Castelletto, 83’)⚽️

18:44 , Mike Jones

83 mins: Is the comeback on?

Cameroon’s first shot on target results in a goal. Substitute Olivier Ntcham whips a cross in from the right wing and picks out Jean-Charles Castelletto.

He attacks the ball, wins the header and powers it into the back of the net!

Senegal 2-0 Cameroon

18:39 , Mike Jones

79 mins: Pure frustration for Neyou who takes his anger out on his opponents and earns himself a yellow card. That’s also his last act of the game as he is replaced by Ntcham.

The changes, however, feel like they have come too late for Cameroon.

Senegal 2-0 Cameroon

18:34 , Mike Jones

74 mins: Time is running out for Cameroon. The next cooling break comes and goes but things have gone from bad to worse for the Indomitable Lions.

They need to limit the damage and try to get through the group as one of the best third placed teams.

GOAL! Senegal 2-0 Cameroon (Habib Diallo, 71’)⚽️

18:32 , Mike Jones

71 mins: That should be the game now!

Senegal keep the pressure on Cameroon with Krepin Diatta getting forward and bringing the ball into the box. He offloads it to the right for Ismaila Sarr who feeds a first time pass into the six-yard box.

Cameroon’s defenders are two high which allows Habib Diallo to get in behind and turn the ball into the back of the net.

Senegal 1-0 Cameroon

18:30 , Mike Jones

69 mins: Lamine Camara strides forward with the ball and slots it out wide to Sadio Mane. He cuts into the box and scoot around a couple of defenders before slipping a pass to Ismaila Sarr.

He decides not to shoot and holds up play waiting for more men to arrive.

Senegal 1-0 Cameroon

18:27 , Mike Jones

66 mins: Abdou Diallo floats a long free kick into the box and almost picks out Habib Diallo. Cameroon defend the aerial ball well then break forward on the counter attack.

There’s not a great deal of intent and Senegal get back quickly to cover their own box.

Senegal 1-0 Cameroon

18:24 , Mike Jones

63 mins: Mendy comes out to win the ball but misses it from the set piece. Cameroon fail to capitalise and Senegal get the ball clear.

The last five minutes or so have been good for them. They need to continue to push though if they want to score.

Senegal 1-0 Cameroon

18:22 , Mike Jones

60 mins: Magri plays the ball out wide as Cameroon look to step things up. Ngamaleu wins a corner and swings it in before winning a repeat for the Indomitable Lions.

Senegal 1-0 Cameroon

18:18 , Mike Jones

57 mins: Abdou Diallo collects a yellow card for running away with the ball. Moumi Ngamaleu reacts and pushes him in the back but it’s the Senegalese man who picks up a card.

He’s going to miss the next match due to that now as well.

Senegal 1-0 Cameroon

18:14 , Mike Jones

54 mins: Chance!

A free kick inside Senegal’s area gives Cameroon the chance to get a shot off at goal. The ball is lifted into the penalty area where Olivier Kemen leaps and whips a headed effort just wide of the nearest post.

Senegal 1-0 Cameroon

18:12 , Mike Jones

51 mins: The tempo is very slow since the restart. It’s suiting Senegal’s play beautifully who have the lead and are happy to defend it.

A diagonal pass comes into the box but the final touch just knocks the ball into the path of Andre Onana who scoops it up.

Senegal 1-0 Cameroon

18:08 , Mike Jones

48 mins: Ngamaleu works the ball down the right wing and looks to feed it up for Tchato on the overlap. His pass is slightly overhit and the defender can’t recover the ball before it rolls out of play.

Jean-Charles Castelletto is booked for a stray elbow when challenging for an aerial ball. He becomes the second Cameroon player to go in the book.

Second half! Senegal 1-0 Cameroon

18:05 , Mike Jones

Cameroon get the ball rolling for the second half. There’s been no changes from either team at the break though Cameroon need to step up their intensity to really challenge Senegal in this half.

HT Senegal 1-0 Cameroon

17:56 , Mike Jones

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Half-time! Senegal 1-0 Cameroon

17:49 , Mike Jones

45+4 mins: The whistle goes to end the first half with Senegal in full control of this match. Olivier Kemen picks up a yellow card and will need to be watchful in the next 45 minutes.

As it stands Senegal are qualifying for the knockout rounds after just two games.

Senegal 1-0 Cameroon

17:44 , Mike Jones

43 mins: Cameroon aren’t making life difficult for Senegal. A cross comes into the box and Frank Magri is late arriving into the area which allows Ismaila Sarr to nod the ball clear without any pressure.

Cameroon need half-time to arrive so they can reset.

Senegal 1-0 Cameroon

17:41 , Mike Jones

40 mins: Senegal are pressing strongly and repeatedly recover the ball in midfield. They’re winning that battle which, in turn, is allowing them to transition into attack quickly.

A second goal would kill off this game.

Senegal 1-0 Cameroon

17:39 , Mike Jones

37 mins: Wonderful stuff from Enzo Tchato.

Sadio Mane is fed into the box and rolls the ball onto his left foot. He shoots from the edge of the six-yard box but Tchato gets across and turns the effort out for a corner.

Senegal 1-0 Cameroon

17:35 , Mike Jones

34 mins: Ismaila Sarr wins Senegal a free kick in a dangerous area after Sadio Mane dropped deep to get on the ball and dictate play. He picked out Sarr who held up the ball well before being taken out.

The free kick is swung in by Krepin Diatta but Andre Onana confidently claims the ball.

Senegal 1-0 Cameroon

17:32 , Mike Jones

31 mins: There’s another break in play but this one is so that the players can take on some more fluids and have a breather in the sweltering conditions.

Cameroon can regroup and look to press on for the final 15 minutes of the first half. Will they get an equaliser?

Senegal 1-0 Cameroon

17:29 , Mike Jones

28 mins: N’Koudou looks to flick the ball into the box but his pass is blocked. It comes out to Olivier Kemen who decides to chip an aerial pass into the penalty area.

Abdou Diallo steps forward and misreads the flight of the ball. It drops over the back of his head just as Frank Magri nips in behind. Edouard Mendy is quick off his feet and gets to the ball first, smothering it just before the striker gets on the end of it.

Senegal 1-0 Cameroon

17:26 , Mike Jones

25 mins: Andre Onana steps out of his penalty area to receives the ball. He pumps it long over to the right side of the pitch but gives away possession.

Cameroon haven’t quite clicked yet.

Senegal 1-0 Cameroon

17:23 , Mike Jones

22 mins: Can Cameroon respond to going behind early on here?

It’s been quite a while since they’ve beaten Senegal and a tough task has just gotten more difficult. Lamine Camara collects the ball in the middle of the pitch and the champions burst forward.

Camara drills a pass into the box but it’s too heavy for Habib Diallo and Andre Onana manages to scoop up the ball instead.

Senegal 1-0 Cameroon

17:21 , Mike Jones

19 mins: Senegal bomb forward with a threaded pass up to Habib Diallo on the left wing. He’s miles offside but the flag doesn’t go up until the ball is knocked out of play for a goal kick.

GOAL! Senegal 1-0 Cameroon (Ismaila Sarr, 16’)⚽️

17:18 , Mike Jones

16 mins: Senegal strike first!

After a poor clearance from Andre Onana, a shot from the edge of the box is blocked and the ball loops into the air. Pape Matar Sarr recovers the ball just inside the area and nudges it to Ismaila Sarr.

He spins wonderfully before fizzing a shot towards the bottom left corner. Andre-Frank Anguissa sticks out a leg to block the ball. IT deflects off him, keeps Onana rooted to the spot and dribbles into the the opposite corner.

Sarr won’t mind. He’s got the opener.

Senegal 0-0 Cameroon

17:13 , Mike Jones

12 mins: Moumi Ngamaleu is down on the ground in a bit of discomfort. He was clipped on the ankle by Ismail Jakobs but it seems to be a knock he could walk off.

Sadio Mane wins a throw in for Senegal as the game is paused so that Ngamaleu can receive a bit of treatment.

Senegal 0-0 Cameroon

17:08 , Mike Jones

9 mins: Pape Sarr feeds the ball out to the right wing where Ismaila Sarr takes over. He brings the ball up alongside the penalty area before his attempted cross is blocked and turned behind for a corner.

Again, Senegal’s set piece doesn’t amount to much.

Senegal 0-0 Cameroon

17:05 , Mike Jones

6 mins: Ismail Jakobs drifts out wide and pushes up the pitch. A diagonal pass comes over to him and he brings the ball under control before whipping in an early cross.

The ball is turned behind for a corner but Cameroon defend it well and earn themselves a goal kick.

Senegal 0-0 Cameroon

17:03 , Mike Jones

3 mins: Georges-Kevin N’Koudou nicks the ball away from Kalidou Koulibaly and bursts into the box. He looks to thread a pass across goal but Pape Matar Sarr sprints back and turns the ball out for a corner.

Cameroon knock it short and float a cross into the penalty area but Edouard Mendy gets out quickly and punches the ball away.

Kick off! Senegal 0-0 Cameroon

17:01 , Mike Jones

Senegal get the match underway and work the ball down to the defence before feeding it back to Edouard Mendy. Mendy works it across to the left side of the pitch where the reigning champions look to drive forward.

Cameroon win possession and seek to break on their own.

Senegal vs Cameroon

16:55 , Mike Jones

Cameroon have drawn each of their last three matches in all competitions and have only managed just two wins from their last 10 games.

They’ve drawn five and lost three during that run including a 1-0 defeat to Senegal back in mid-October.

Liverpool star Mohamed Salah suffers injury for Egypt at Africa Cup of Nation

16:50 , Mike Jones

Mohamed Salah handed Liverpool an injury scare playing for Egypt before his country rallied to secure a 2-2 draw against Ghana at the Africa Cup of Nations.

Featuring for the Pharaohs, Salah was forced off on the stroke of half-time with a suspected hamstring problem.

Salah was seen clutching the back of his left leg and cut a frustrated figure after embracing teammate Ahmed Hegazi and handing him the captain’s armband.

Salah would then leave the Stade Felix Houphouet-Boigny pitch in Abidjan, with Mostafa Fathi replacing him. And the Liverpool star could then be seen sitting on the turf by the dugout to watch the closing moments of the first half.

Liverpool star Mohamed Salah suffers injury at AFCON

William Troost-Ekong leads by example with winning penalty for Nigeria

16:45 , Mike Jones

A William Troost-Ekong penalty gave Nigeria a 1-0 victory over hosts Ivory Coast at the Africa Cup of Nations on Thursday.

The Nigeria captain struck from the spot early in the second half in Abidjan as the Super Eagles claimed their first victory of the tournament and leapfrogged the Ivorians in Group A.

Ivory Coast spurned a host of chances and paid the price after Ola Aina was adjudged to have fouled Victor Osimhen in the area following a review by VAR.

The result meant Nigeria drew level with Equatorial Guinea on four points in the group, while Ivory Coast have three with one game to play.

Captain William Troost-Ekong leads by example with winning penalty for Nigeria

Afcon schedule, fixtures, results and start times

16:40 , Mike Jones

The Africa Cup of Nations is back as Ivory Coast play host for the second time in the competition’s history.

Of the 24 nations taking part in Afcon, Senegal have been installed as the pre-tournament favourites, with a raft of top players including Sadio Mane, Edouard Mendy, Kalidou Koulibaly and Nicolas Jackson.

But the reigning champions will face stiff competition for the trophy from the team they beat in the final shootout three years ago, Mohamed Salah’s Egypt, as well as Morocco, Algeria, Nigeria, Cameroon and hosts Ivory Coast.

Afcon schedule, fixtures, results and start times

Last time out: Cameroon

16:35 , Mike Jones

Cameroon got their first points on the board with a fortunate 1-1 draw against Guinea.

The National Elephants got the better of the Indomitable Lions in the first half and looked and took the lead early in the game. However, Francois Kamano was shown a red card in first-half stoppage time and their hopes of a famous victory over Cameroon quickly faded.

Toulouse attacker Frank Magri levelled before the hour-mark but the 2017 champions never looked likely to go on to win the match and had to settle for a point.

They’ll need to improve drastically if they have any ideas of beating Senegal today.

A force to be reckoned with

16:30 , Mike Jones

The Lions of Teranga are now unbeaten in their last five games in all competitions (four wins, one draw) and have not conceded a single goal in over 450 minutes of play dating back to their 1-0 loss to Algeria in September.

That’s the type of form big teams want to hit heading into major tournaments and Senegal should be contenders to win the trophy again this year.

Senegal’s rising star

16:25 , Mike Jones

At the age of 20 years and 14 days, Lamine Camara etched his name in history as the youngest player to score a brace at the Afcon since Ali Zitouni achieved the feat for Tunisia in 2000 at the age of 19 years and 32 days.

 (AFP via Getty Images)
(AFP via Getty Images)

Last time out: Senegal

16:20 , Mike Jones

Senegal got their title defence off to a wonderful start on Monday when they defeated 10-man Gambia and cruised to a comfortable 3-0 win.

The Lions of Teranga took an early lead in the match through a Pape Gueye strike inside the first five minutes, before Lamine Camara netted twice in the second half after Ebou Adams was shown a red card for a poor tackle.

A victory tonight would secure them a place in the next round.

What is the format for Afcon?

16:15 , Mike Jones

There are 24 teams, who can name squads of up to 27 players, which are split into six groups of four.

Senegal have been drawn in Group C with Guinea, Gambia and five-time champions Cameroon for example. They will play each other once and the top two teams in each group will advance to the knockout stages.

They will be joined by the four best third-placed sides, which means only one-third of the teams get eliminated in the group stages.

The rest of the tournament will be single-legged knockout ties, culminating in the final on Sunday, February 11.

Cameroon line-up

16:08 , Mike Jones

Cameroon XI: Onana; Tchato, Castelleto, Wooh, Tolo; Neyou, Kemen, Anguissa; Ngamelou, Magri, N’Koudou.

Andre Onana returns in goal for Cameroon while Tchato and Tolo replace Moukoudi and Yongwa in defence. Neyou starts in midfield in place of Ntcham and Ngamaleu starts in the forward line instead of Toko Ekambi.

Senegal line-up

16:06 , Mike Jones

Senegal XI: Mendy; Diatta, Koulibaly, A. Diallo, Jakobs; Camara, P. Sarr, P. Gueye; I. Sarr, H. Diallo, Mane.

There’s just one change to the Senegal team that started their opening fixture as Tottenham’s Pape Matar Sarr replaces Moussa Niakhaté with Abdou Diallo dropping into the back line.

Senegal vs Cameroon prediction

16:00 , Mike Jones

The defending champions already look fit and firing and should be fancied to get past a Cameroon side who they have not lost against since 2005.

Senegal 3-1 Cameroon.

How to watch Senegal vs Cameroon

15:55 , Mike Jones

The match kicks off on Friday 19 January at 5pm GMT and takes place at the Charles Konan Banny Stadium in Yamoussoukro, Ivory Coast.

The match will be shown live on Sky Sports Football and Sky Sports Main Event with coverage starting at 4.55pm GMT.

If you’re travelling abroad and want to watch major sporting events, you might need a VPN to unblock your streaming app. Our VPN round-up is here to help and includes deals on VPNs in the market. Viewers using a VPN need to make sure that they comply with any local regulations where they are, and also with the terms of their service provider.

Early team news and predicted line-ups

15:50 , Mike Jones

Senegal have no injury concerns following their first game and are expected to name an unchanged starting XI from their tournament opener.

Cameroon, meanwhile, should be boosted by the return of Andre Onana after the Manchester United keeper missed his country’s opening game having arrived late to the tournament. Key striker and captain Vincent Aboubakar remains a doubt having missed out against Guinea due to a thigh injury.

Predicted line-ups

Senegal XI: Mendy; Koulibaly, Diallo, Niakhate; Diatta, Camara, Gueye, Jakobs; Sarr, Diallo, Mane.

Cameroon XI: Onana; Castelleto, Wooh, Moukoudi, Yongwa; Ntcham, Kemen, Anguissa; Magri, Toko Ekambi, N’Koudou.

Senegal vs Cameroon

15:45 , Mike Jones

Good evening and welcome to The Independent’s coverage of today’s big Africa Cup of Nations clash between the reigning champions Senegal and five time winners Cameroon.

The two nations go toe-to-toe in a group stage encounter that could see the Lions of Teranga safely through to the knockout rounds should they triumph.

Meanwhile, with Cameroon two points behind in the table a victory is a must and would ease the any pressure they feel having started their campaign with a 1-1 draw against Guinea.

We’ll have all the team news, updates and match action throughout the evening so stick with us as we build up to kick off at 5pm.